Unique Stadiums Preservation Thread


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Hey all.

I am posting some old/unique but bugged/incomplete stadiums we have, maybe and hopefully someone would be interested in converting/fixing/bringing them to a playable state (F14/F16) due to their one-of-a-kind nature.
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Or maybe someone just happens to have these stadiums perfectly converted already.

1. Dynamo Central Stadium, Moscow (1928-2008, now turned into VTB Arena)
Converted to OBJ by @badgerbadger

Now these are semi-bugged F14 conversions, presumably by @kotiara6863 from 2013:

2. Central Stadium, Kazan (used by Rubin Kazan, occasionally to this day)

3. Dynamo Stadium, Makhachkala (previously used by Anji Makhachkala)

4. Kuban, Krasnodar (previously used by FC Kuban and FC Krasnodar)

5. Metallurg, Samara (previously used by FC Krylia Sovetov) (also no glares)

6. Trud, Tomsk (used by FC Tom)

7. Olimp-2, Rostov-on-Don (previously used by FC Rostov)

8. Akhmat Arena, Grozny (currently used by FC Akhmat)
Converted for F14 (author unknown) with bugged roof

Presumably conversion of this
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Starting XI
At least the following stadiums:
Central Stadium Kazan, Kuban Stadium Krasnodar, Metallurg Stadium Samara, Trud Stadium Tomsk, Olimp-2 Stadium Rostov-on-Don, Akhmat Arena Grozny
would be needed for the FIFA 14 Remastered project, as they were used in 2013-14.

Would be awesome if someone with stadium making skills could take a look at those stadiums, maybe fixing them would take a couple clicks.