URGENT help please - problem with .o player files


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Hello, i tried ArmBand Master 08 at my fifa 09 (I read at a post that it works on 09), but after installed, loaded my fifa, loaded an armband and saved it, I try to play but automatically closes fifa!!!, then I regenerate the FAT and the BH and tried again to play... And it worked... But now I have new and totally unknown (to me) problems!... As you see:

.... Please some help :(... I guess that a .o player file was damaged, but which one? Anybody has an idea?

P.D.: All players seems like that


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Yes... I'm not a pro, but I know the basics.. If I have to replace some file I know how to


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man you can copy zdatas with faces,and what you need.....and reinstal fifa,and after that paste zdatas with faces,etc. and reconstruct your fifa.fat.
sorry for my english i know to make but hard to explain in english