Using RDBM for Create a Club Banners and Assets


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Hi everyone - I'm trying to use RDBM to edit assets for my Create-A-Club career mode team.

I want to use RDBM to change the banner for my created team - Does anyone know how to give my Created Club the banner for another team (for example can I upload a banner for my team in the editor tool in place of a team like Reading and then reassign it to my created club in RDBM?) If so where can I do this in RDBM?



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You can just add the banner you want directly to your create-a-club team.
Add you custom banner to the banner_0 texture file.

Note: Although when importing the file it will show you to add max resolution 64x64, just over write it with the resolution of all other teams.

Then save the project in the editor and create exported as a mod. and just run it in the mod manager.