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Youth Team
I started to make some flags for Fifa 06 and these are my first ones.

VfL Bochum in 2GF:

Any comments ?? :)


Youth Team
I'll make a lot of faces when I have Fifa 06 on my computer ;)
Until this, I'm going to make some flags.

Dynamo Dresden in 2GF

Any comments ?? :)


Life Ban
Silencer said:
Great work again but I never heard of them :p

Paderborn? I've done my military service near Paderborn in '89 :) Never went to see them but I went to watch Dortmund and Schalke (and went to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, but that's another story)


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Hi Vfler, your flags seem to improve, but I suggest you look more to fansites, most of the time they have a lot pictures of flags and banners on those. And those look much better then official flags from the clubs.

Take a look at my example:

I made these for the patch we are building and i found them on a lot of different sites of the club. Fans are really happy with those.

Can you post your 2GF textures? I really like them and happy photoshopping, I'll keep an eye on this one