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Youth Team
Hey guys, today I tried to do some more professionel signatures amd these are the results:

Lukas Podolski

Arjen Robben

Maxi Rodriguez

Christiano Ronaldo

David Villa

Do you have some comments for me? So I can improve the signatures in the future ...


Youth Team
No, I mean that I looked at tutorials and that I learned a lot of them, my old signatures were just pictures, nothing with brushes and so on ;)
But, do you like them? :D


Reserve Team
the only half-decent one is the maxi rodriguez sig, still very uncreative,tho...think about a concept before you start your work, don't just paste the player on a random background...


Starting XI
The backgrounds are quite nice, but no effects on render.The bg don't match very good with the player..try some suggestive backgrounds.