WC Group C: Holland v. Argentina {P & R}


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Both teams will play B teams. This will probably mean Argentina will own us to death cause they have a far better bench than we do.


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Great match here... I predict a minimum victory for the argies, 3-2
andy said:
The uglier they are, the better they play ;)
Following that logic Ivan Campo should have been the ultimate crack for us... But he wasn't :S



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Argentina Probable Line-Up:
Burdisso Ayala Milito
M. Rodriguez Cambiasso Scaloni
Tevez Cruz

Holland Probable Line-Up:
Van der Sar
Jaliens Boulahrouz Ooijer De Cler
Sneijder Van der Vaart Cocu
Kuijt Van Nistelrooij Van Persie


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Zlatan said:
Both teams will play B teams.

i know you didnt mean both teams are going to play 11 to 5 non-starters, cause thats what i think a B-team is. i think it will be 2 to 3 at most non-starters at the most and for argentina that makes no difference in quality and each team wants to win the group......cant wait for this one :lui:

maybe not the place but i dont care RIP Pfc. Kristian Menchaca 23, and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker 25


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As of now, there are 4 non-starters. If Riquelme doesn't play and Aimar does, that would be 5.


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Cannot wait for this game, hoping for a good open scrap!

Argentina to win 2-1, i feel Holland's frail defence will finally be shown up.

El Diablo Rojo

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More likely the line up will be like the one RUSI shown, but move Scaloni to the right and Maxi to the left.:jambo:

I say Argentina will win 2-0. Tevez and Cruz to score.:jambo:


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yea but i m sure holland wants to avoid portugal so they need the win and hopefully they will get one


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Hopefully Argentina will win the group.

I would feel much more comfortable facing Holland in a possible quarter final.


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Who said Holland may win against Portugal? And that England will win against Equador? One game at a time...

You guys always seem to leave us out... :rolleyes:


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Oh yeah sorry we forget how beautiful you played against big opponents like Angola and Iran. :rolleyes:


Luis Ah-Hoy

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Zlatan said:
Oh yeah sorry we forget how beautiful you played against big opponents like Angola and Iran. :rolleyes:


England played even worse against T&T, and they were even a bit lucky to get 3 points from that game... but look at the performance they had (at least in the first half), against a very tough Sweden team...

And i recall the following: Portugal, before Euro-2004, had some terrible performances in friendlies, against weak teams... they even started the tournament with a defeat, and an average performance...

So, let's see if your sarcasm will work for, or against you, should Holland meet Portugal in the next round! ;)