WC2014 Brazil Stadiums

I know surely this will be like beating a dead horse as nobody has take care of this in a long, long time ago, but is one of my "dreams" so i don't mind to try it.

Fernold2k converted for FIFA 16, Brazil WC2014 stadiums a lot time ago, but playing CP16 i discovered that is missing a lot of resources and textures as those typical low tier dressing, corner enter dressing, flags at the roof, and top tier dressing, i'd say it only has properly added an adboard with city name, and nothing else, everything else is just grey walls sadly (without underestimate work made by Fernold, obviously, model is great and glares too :))

I have those textures that are missing, in good quality, but they are for F14, i've tried adding it myself, but i doesn't have a good acknowledge about stadiums and their resources, playing WC2014 properly is almost my dream as has been my favorite WC since i was a child, but some things has been missing.

I could share those textures, and maybe some of our experts could take care of them and add it, i'm not asking remodel, or change a lot the stadiums, i know you're focused on other projects, and already Fernold made a good job, thanks for your help and attention :) @RavenFCB @humbertoaze @fernold2k @saul.silva


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I have thes stadiums from fifa 14 but someone have to delete double corner flag and fluorescence at goal posts and banners.


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I have thes stadiums from fifa 14
I actually want good WC 2014 stadiums for F14 as well :D

The ones we have a shitton of banners and they are way too bright.

WC 2014 version stadium banners

@fernold2k version stadium banners

@fernold2k edited EA's WC 2014 stadiums for Brazilian League but not for WC 2014 versions.
You need to edit the ambient texture to a darker color. You have to edit it at Blender.

I would absolutely love to have fixed Brazilian stadiums with WC 2014 graphics in F14.
Maybe @gonzaga would be interested in this thread as well.


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Yes, VK.
I have both versions in 14 and 15,with a few texture and glare bugs in night match. And something wrong with the goal post.

here is the effect in fifa15

psc (8).jpg

psc (3).jpg

psc (7).jpg


psc (2).jpg


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Here is the effect in fifa14.


psc (6).jpg

psc (4).jpg

I don't plan to reinstall or play it again in the future because I have xbox360 version of world cup brazil. There is another way for you to experience world cup 2014 on your pc by PS3 emulator software if you have interest.