WE8I PC - The Wolf Vuelta del Lobo Patch


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from what i heard wolf ain't releasing anything anymore for PES4 or WE8

Guess you are going to have to wait to see if he does anything with PES5 WE9


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Jeez, you guys, relax. He said after the transfer window closes. That's tomorrow. Aug 31. Then you can begin your begging and moaning. And Wolf will deliver the premium goods, as he always does.


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Using the Phoenix update is totally out of the question. No offense to Phoenix, who put his effort into creating an update, but his update is not close to the level of detail and quality that wolf has always delivered. Too many mistakes and errors in the Phoenix update for me to have kept it after installation.

In short, we wait with great anticipation what Wolf has up his sleave. He is the MAN. Plus, I need.. NEED to have Owen on Newcastle... NOW! ;) Also, the USA squad needs to be updated to include some better players on the bench. (Rallston, Twellman, etc.). Checking the roster released for this weekends USA v Mex clash would be a great one to use as a guide to update (just dont leave out Eddie Pope!). Hail WOLF! :jap:

Thanks Wolf,


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check update 1.9 or just wait a few days for final 2.0... the idea was for the comunity to help build the update since there are things that only fans could know so they were always with mistakes.. but each one had less then the previous till the final one...

anyway no doubt he's 'the MAN' ;)

PS: post in phoenix thread the update for USA squad (if u want)


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um guys i think it is ridiculous to start throwing negative feedback at phoenix. he has done a brilliant job and almsot nearly has turned me into a WE convert. i cant go back on fifa however, but hey thats for a different forum.

i also think u guys should take some consideration in reading the thread called goodbye. in there the wolf has said he will no longer be making updates for PES/WE. so dont expect anything!


that is the link to the goodbye thread.


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juventus28: guess u didnt read everything on that thread right ?? below is what wolf said on that thread... very good news for all of us hehe... yea have to agree that phoenix is doing a good patch too... but WOLF patch is just great .. there are a lot WOLF patch supporter out there...

"Originally Posted by TristanAbbott7
Just 'cos I'm saying "goodbye" doesn't mean I won't get PES5/WE9:I and make patches - I'm freaking obsessed with making patches, y'all know that by now!!! I might play FIFA 06 for fun but I'll make patches for the Konami titles still.

I'm just majorly pissed at Konami for the things I mentioned but I won't leave the fans of my work out to dry - I'll be working on patches within 5 seconds of having the PC versions of the game!"