What is the most womanly thing you do


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Yes I know that's a sexist title, but let's be honest, I doubt there's even one regular female user on these forums. So what I want to know is, what is the most girly, womanly thing you do.


I ******* love candles, I can't get enough of them, they save me **** loads of electricity, due to my massively expensive halogen lights, and they smell fantastic. It's even got to the point where buying me candles has become an acceptable gift for birthdays/Christmas, I've got loads I need to get through before I can get to my next batch - can't wait. (H)

Womanly, yes, but I'm proud of it!


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So if your woman walks into your place and there are candles lit everywhere, it isn't even considered romantic anymore? (H)


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I like scented candles as well, it gives a nice warming feel to the air and room. Also like hand liquid soaps that are fruity and have a nice smell to them, I actually turned my wife into liking them... :-D


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Mint;3182520 said:
Have a wee sit down if i cant be bothered to stand and pee.

I'd wager that every guy in this thread has done this at some point.

Oh and Sir_Didier_Drogba (H)


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tear up during the scene in Marley and Me where the dog dies. gets me every single time..

not even ashamed of doing so. the dog was bad, but so good and lovable. reminds me of my dog


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If I wake up in the middle of the night, I do occasionally do the sit down to pee thing. Though I often just force it out really fast, and have my arm up against the wall to hold me up.


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Shoes got way too many of them, not to the extent of crazy sneaker collectors but still too many for a average guy. And I watch Project Runway.


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I'm watching The L Word these days.... in my defence, there are women having sex on that show.

followed way too many modern soap operas though...