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Where Is Rinaldo?


Senior Squad

I've known he was back for like a couple of weeks. XD

I wonder what he has planned with creations master. A completely new tool interface with new graphics or just a re coded version for 14.
One thing I hope for is being able to Modify Mini kits this time. It's annoying in Unranked and Clubs then the mini's don't match up. XD


Senior Squad
Rinaldo wrote this :-

"It is about one year and half since I posted my last news on this site. A quite long time, yes. So I don't want to keep it long, I just want let you know that I hope to be able to restart with the development of my tools for the coming new season of FIFA 14. I don't want to promise anything, we will see. Considering my limited time I will try to concentrate myself in the development of new programs, so this new version of the site will not have a forum, but I will take a look to other popular forums so I will stay in touch with the Community. I am happy to annoubce a new start for the fifa-master website"


I hope he is here and watching around (Y)

Yoohoo.. CM14, FM14, DBM14... Waiting