Who should I buy?

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hi i had enough of the portugal leagues i dotn like the 6 player eu rule so iv gone to england and im birmingham my budget is 40 mil and first season any suggestions?


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edited im guessing. Talking of editing, ive changed the thread title to something more... suitable.

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gonzalo pineda as a left winger and jose antonio castro as a right winger

guillermo ochoa or apula bete as a keeper

try mohamed zidan


forget them all and get Fabio Grosso, train him as a left winger and win the champions league 10 times in a row.(H)


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Forget everything, and play your game by yourself. It's no fun giving yourself all that money, and having to get other people to tell you which player to buy. You have in-game scouts for that.


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Pretty much agree with Ruud, if you're new to the game, just try it yourself and see how you do :)


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Doing that can also give you the great feeling you get when you see a player you signed in FM sign for a major club. For example, Kim Kallstrom has just gone from Malmo, to my CM team, to Rennes in real life, and now to Lyon. Great to see.


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Good god, just buy some good scouts and send them out, or get scout reports on anyone who interests you. Give them something to do for their salary. Jesus. And that kind of tampering makes the game ******* unbalanced. I once took out a little money from Chelsea to make it easier when I took over Liverpool, and Chelsea had to sell Robbe, Cole and Cech, only to amount to 7th place. Whilst iwthout that tampering, Chelsea is always a toughy who buy very good players. Makes it real.

Oh, and if you want to find out some good players. Start a game with a couple of your own controlled nations. Doesn't really matetr which, but I did it with Italy, France, Brazil and England. Now, don't get high-rated players only. Get some new guys you find with good stats, some recognizable but lower-valued players, and players who are used as back-up and/or are playing in small clubs. Let them all play in their 2 best positions at least twice, and make a list of who impressed you.

I found some reall good players that way, but all of them needed to be tweaked: Gourcuff, Grax, Fred, Distin, Delpierre, Frau, Cicinho, Adailton, Rogerio Ceni, De Sanctis, Rivaldo, Flachi, Lucarelli, Iaquinta, (Luca Toni sucks in my game for some reason, doesn't matter with who I play or with who I team him up with).

I just contradicted myslef, but, nevermind.


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Having lots of money is a good start for someone lacking experience with the game. The transfer market is very hard to master in FM, so having lots of money makes that part slightly easier and helps you get more involved with the other parts of the game.