why is beckham so good


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his physical stats kicks ass

look at his work rate... look at all of his stats for that matter!


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not to lower the tone of this thread too much, but he is COMPLETELY WANK on my game.

When i say wank, i mean wank in terms of his average ratings. I'm not sure he's ever seen a score above 7.

He gets between 6.50 and 6.90 in every season before he retires for me.


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to be fair though, apart from dribbling and pace, there isnt much Beckham doesnt do in real life!


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and the fact he is/was the best passer, corner taker, crosser and free kick taker in the world.


Aggression 17 - No way :boohoo:.
Agility 19 - Unless he's Mickey Owen in disguise: no way!
Dribbling 13 - Anything lower than 10 would be fair.
Finishing 14 - :|.
First touch 19 - A 14-ish would have been more apropiate.
Long shots 19 - When was the last time he scored one?
Long throws 14 - !?
Penalty taking 19 - (C) :fool:


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David Beckham is this good because he is the golden boy of english football! :kader: Plus FM people must really :hump: him. I think its the old thing of adjusting stats to try to make the player as influential on the game as they are in real life matches even though they may not really be realistic stats for the player. plus he should have more for jumping, remember when he jumped out of the way of that brazilian tackle in the world cup, he was in orbit then! :nape: a cynical idea may be that he bribed SI to make him aw-thum :rolleyes: (6)


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His technique is 17? Maybe I have a different understanding of what technique is? Agility is quite high and his mental stats are quite fair actually. I think I would drop some of his technical stats now though...

Anyway in my Tottenham game I am managing England right now and he is owning the middle with Carrick, there passes are ripping defences left, right, and center. Not to mention he scores some good long range goals aswell...

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When you compare those stats with a good player from the Championship, its ridiculous. We all know Real Madrid only bought him for commercial reasons.

Free-kicks, Corners, Long Shots, Work Rate, Crossing, Passing are all fair.

But facken ell the other stats, Stamina + Natural Fitness = 20!? Come on, he throws up in some games and don't say its because he gives his all which he does I know, but a player with 20 for Stamina and Natural Fitness should be able to run all day without any trouble, like Eboue.

Agility is a joke, he's flat footed, but still has 19 for agility?? Aggression 17? I've hardly ever seen him dive in to a tackle and get really stuck in. And Strength 18, since when has he been very very strong?


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Besies being an overpaid egotistical bastard and being f*cking average for oh the past 3 seasons. No there's nothing wrong with those stats at all.

Maybe 5 years ago he was the beest passer, freekick taker in the world. but he's so average now it's untrue.


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I don't think people realise that just because he has great stats, he won't always perform.

Just because Beckham isn't playing well in real life right now doesn't mean that he isn't capable of passing a ball well, or taking a freekick.