World Cup Group G: France vs South Korea [P+R]


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Important game for France, who played so crap against Switzerland. We've to win against South Korea if we want to qualify. And we have to SCORE! It was pitiful against Swiss... Henry, Zidane, great players but no opportunities.

Domenech gave his line-up, I'm not confident about this game. He has just changed Ribéry by Malouda. Wiltord who did a crap game is still in the squad. Vieira too. Abidal and Malouda are together in Lyon so I guess we'll see more opportunities on the left wing. But I hoped Trezeguet will play...

France = Barthez - Sagnol, Thuram, Gallas, Abidal - Makélélé, Vieira - Malouda, Zidane, Wiltord - Henry.


I'm happy malouda gets to play, and hopefully france play well, like they should.


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Woon Jae - Young Cheul, Jin Cheul, Jin Kyu - Chong Gug, Eul Yong, Nam Il/Ho (H), Young Pyo - Chun Soo, Jae Jin/Jung Hwan, Ji Sung


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Man, I have a feeling France is gonna wake up for this game and bust an Argentina on us and score a lot of goals... our defense is crap. :(

Hopefully they play our national anthem twice like they did during the Togo match... that'll give us the upper-hand psychologically. (H)

My prediction:

1-0 Korea
Park Ji Sung


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Luis Ah-Hoy said:
Domenech still including Vieira in the starting line-up... :nape:

Scholari is a bit stubborn... this guy is foolish... :rolleyes:

More importantly why is Zidane still playing football?

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ok i cant contain myself no more, why in the hell is vieira starting this match, i mean no disrespect i mean he was part of the squad that gave us our wc, but he is in no way up to match shape.

i know domenech loves his 4-3-1-2 formation i know cisse got injured but why in the hell cant he just work with trezegol, it pained me to see treze dying to get in the game during our match nul, he decided to switch to our old 4-2-3-1 practically 2 days before the start of the wc for us.

during the 98 wc when we were switching back and forth between a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-1-2 with 3 defensive midfielders behind zidane, we had more offensive weight simply cuz our fullbacks (thuram and lizarazu) owned the wings.

if domenech insists on playing henry alone upfront he has to freaking let sagnol and abidal go, i mean sagnol ran the wing maybe 4 times during the match!, and abidal was practically another central when it was obvious that gallas could hold his own at the left back!.

wiltord at the right wing has no return and he is so far out of the box that hes just not worth it offensively or defensively.

seriously do we not have better options at the wings?, do we not have diarra sitting there? i bet u hes in far better shape than vieira, if he insists on playing 4-2-3-1 at least get the players that would best give us a chance to win, not the same old tired squad for gods sakes.

4-2-3-1: coupet - sagnol (or chimbonda), thuram, gallas, abidal (only if he attacks, if not givet) - diarra, makelele - malouda, zidane, henry? (he needs to play on space as a 7) - treze (treze is way better on the box, as a 9)

4-3-1-2: coupet - sagnol (or cimbonda), thuram, gallas, abidal (or givet) - diarra, makelele, malouda - zidane - treze, henry

theres one thing that i think is falling on the bigger side of idiocy, treze and henry....., i cant believe that no other coach besides aime jaquet can make em play together, they are so different henry can play as a 7 thats what he does at arsenal, he can take the ball on space and run circles around any defender, and treze always plays as a 9 at juve where he practically made a career playing on the box.

to domenech, not just the players need to do whats best for the team you know, the coaches have to do it too, u need to sit whoevers not up to the fitness level regardless of his name (vieira), and i know its late, but u needed to bring the best possible players not just keep people out cuz of a "falling out with the coach" cuz this is not domenech's team this is france team. you may not like a player but if hes playing incredibly good you have to take advantage of him and use him (giuly).

to the players, come on they have to ask for the ball they can't sit 30 meters apart from each other and wait for zidane to dribble past 3 guys who are chopping his legs all the way to make an awesome through ball for henry thats just dumb, they have to move and ask for the ball, create spaces.

oh and dont get me started on ribéry, its not the fact that im a psg fan and hes from marseille cuz at this level i can look beyond that, but as a left winger i rather have rothen who is a player that can go back and defend after an attack run and not waste chances like ribéry did.

ps: yes some of this players gave us a thrilling ride and i love em for that each and everyone of the players who were part of the tricolour during the 94-02 period but again u have to do whats best for the team and if that means leaving somebody (vieira) on the bench im not against it