Yakovos' Goalnets


Club Supporter
Hey guys, Yakovos here and back for FIFA 13. Every now and then i will be posting up my goalnets for viewing and download.

Here is a Diagonal Goalnet which is my latest goalnet.

Credit must be given if this Goalnet is used in a patch or mod in the future.

How To Install: Open Texture Editor, File (Top Left Corner), Click Open *.big, Choose data3.big from data folder which is inside game folder, Search (Edit tab) for goalnets and make sure it is highlited, once you find it click export to game path (icon with folder that has a little folder above it), then make a backup of the file (goalnet_1.rx3) which is located in the Game/Data/sceneassets/goalnet folder and keep it safe somewhere in another folder. After a backup has been made open the original .rx3 it with Texture Editor, then click on the middle picture (Close up view of the net) and drag my .png goalnet picture onto it. It should change to mine. make sure the file edited is in the goalnets folder and then regenerate.


Download Link: