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    New Kits 2009/2010

    It's called tradition -- one of the main things that make European clubs so amazing.
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    Football Asia [2009]

    It's the communist style. Same as all the stadiums in Russia. :clapwap: PS: I love Football Asia. The commentary is fantastic, and there is just so much culture to the football.
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    Asian All-Stars!! My Formation!

    LOL this clown is still around.
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    Manchester United Thread [2008/2009]

    Why is Tevez not in the 18-men match squad today?
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    PlayStation 3

    You have problems against Villa because people abuse Agbonlahor's ridiculous speed. Because of that factor, there's actually more people using Villa than Arsenal, Liverpool, Milan, etc. I just beat this punk called BHfanatic, sounds familiarly like some guy from these boards. All he did was...
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    PlayStation 3

    Yes I'm glad they fixed the "crab walk". Now I can actually defend the c*nts who lob and chase all the time -- my defender won't crab walk and watch the ball while Rooney runs by anymore. It's ridiculous though the amount of assholes/cheaters/pathetic players online. 9 out of 10 games the...
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    AFC Ajax Thread

    Wow what a way to bounce back from the low light of the season! Ajax 4-1 PSV!!! I was looking for the PSV thread but it's too outdated so I didn't bother going back pages to find it. But I just wanted to post this video so that the Mexican troll that posts PSV scores can see it...
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    NBA 08-09 Season Thread

    Rony, let's not get on the "OMG Raps are so amazing this year with JO OMG we gonna win the East" bandwagon yet. :p As you can seen, we are still pretty much the same team as last year, with the same weaknesses and lack of swagger, only minus TJ Ford's ball-hogging. But I hope JO can settle in...
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    Help Me please with Tottenham Please!!

    There is no help man, see real life.
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    AFC Ajax Thread

    LOL Suarez's finish was simply too sexy! Huntelaar's 2nd goal was a beauty too. FK Borac appears to be pretty easy after all. Is this a Holland-Serbia thing? lol anything Dutch always has Serbian teams' number. Evander Sno is a terrible player. I don't understand why they brought him here...
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    NBA 08-09 Off-season Thread

    Has anyone seen the video about Josh Howard taking a piss on the American anthem? Can anyone translate what he said to me? I struggle to hear it because of how loud the anthem is in the background.
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    ** SG United 2008 Screenshot Showoff **

    Haha Boro, oh well not a bad club. Merci Fernandez.
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    ** SG United 2008 Screenshot Showoff **

    Where am I? Please.
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    NBA 08-09 Off-season Thread

    Terrible logo. The two fonts are like Scarlett Johansson standing beside a grizzly bear.
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    Confirmed Transfers

    LOL who the **** is Man City? But that's okay, Robinho is no more than an average "star".