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  • Hi mate, just writing to ask if you've made any progress regarding chants & commentary. I have some lines by Clive Tyldesley & Andy Townsend extracted from earlier FIFA mods in .wav format + there are player callnames from WC2014 that need to be added in.
    Hi mate, for some reasons the tool isn't going beyond the selection of the exe file. After I select the exe file, there's a blank white screen and it doesn't go beyond it. BTW I'm using that fifa 16 dm turks bypass method version
    Try running as administrator. It is trying to locate your Fifa file location but can't find it. Also make sure you have unzipped all the files
    Sathya Narayanan
    I tried everything, it's not working. Can you share the files you made. I'm fed up with the default songs.
    Please give me new link for FifaMod tools, I can't download it from your link, please re upload or upload it by mirror link.. thanks...
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