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    World Cup Draw

    There doesn't seem to be a group of death this year. This is the toughest draw that Spain has had in a long long time, but I'm confident we can advance. It will be important to finish first in the group to avoid Brazil in the first knockout round.
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    La Liga BBVA Thread

    :eek: Del Nido's going to jail for 7 years. In the US, he would never go to jail. I wish white collar crime were punished here as much as it is in Spain.
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    Question of the Week: Who shouldn't have left ?

    We've never been the same since.
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    Question of the Week: Most Spectacular Derby

    I don't think you understand what a derby is.
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    Question of the Week: Most Spectacular Derby

    The Sevilla - Betis derbi isn't the prettiest, but it's one of the most passionate and most comical in the world. Here's the good bad and ugly from the past decade, in no order: 1) A player red carded for kicking another player in the nuts 2) A game suspended because a coach was knocked...
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    New Kits 2013/2014

    :nape: We're going to look like Bayern or Switzerland.
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    La Liga BBVA Thread

    Mourinho wants Diego Costa. Seems like a perfect fit given that Mou loves strong, unapologetic, manipulative players.
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    La Liga BBVA Thread

    I'd rather Negredo, and you know how I feel about him.
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    La Liga BBVA Thread

    I would rather have Spain lose the World Cup than win with that disgraceful player. He makes Pepe look like an angel.
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    La Liga BBVA Thread

    You're conveniently forgetting the Sevilla goal that was disallowed for no reason.
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    Real Madrid C.F. [2013-2014]

    Gotta pay for Bale somehow. Buying a guy for 18 million, getting three good seasons out of him, and then selling for 50 million is pretty good business. Edit: I'm sorry, for a minute there I forgot that Real Madrid makes over 500 million a year in revenue. I don't know why they sell any players.
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    Winners and Losers of the Summer 2013 Window

    Yeah, I think that was a typo because if you add the players up they're 38.9 million short of the total they show. I disagree with some of the other totals though. Negredo sold for 25+variables, Navas sold for 20+variables.
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    Winners and Losers of the Summer 2013 Window

    Sevilla brought in 90 million euros in selling Navas, Negredo, Medel, Kondogbia, and Luis Alberto. Two of those players were homegrown and the other three cost a total of 21 million, so a ~70 million euro of pure profit. Only ~20 million of that was spent on new players, and I'm certain that...
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    Man Utd 13/14

    Bilbao don't have a choice if the buyout clause is paid. With Martinez, they always pointed to the buyout clause as his price, and that is the case here, so if ManU pay 36 million (which is absurd), they will get him.