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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 09

    If anyone needs some help for Canada in terms of a Gold Cup 2009 patch, just let me know.
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    Keegan's Boot Emporium (No Requests)

    I dunno... I think you should stick with boots... I'm still waiting for the ones I requested. :innocent_smile_1:
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    strobe_z kits

    Go right ahead... and thanks for asking.
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    Red and Yellow Players

    I've got no answers for you... but I sympathize. My players all look like burn victims too. What kind of Grafics card do you have?
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    Canada Super-Patch 2005

    We don't... but that's the point. Here's a teaser image...
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    Canada Super-Patch 2005

    Anyone interested?
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    The Canadian Soccer Thread

    Just wondering.. is anyone interested in a brand new Canada Super-Patch 2005? (some might remeber the 2001-2003 versions) I'm updating some of the fantasy league logos and what not, but I haven't made a patch in 2 years... so does anyone wanna help out? Especially for things like making...
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    The Canadian Soccer Thread

    First off, no one cares more about our National team than I do... but 1 MLS team is not the saviour of Canadian soccer. I don't expect you to give a crap about Edmonton or a team for us.... but get it through your head that I don't give a crap about a team in Toronto either. , and I refuse...
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    The Canadian Soccer Thread

    Ok... first off I didn't mean to say that "you" said our lads suck... I know it looked that way, but I was really just reacting to others in this thread. In a lot of ways, you make my point for me. First off by saying that that we need an MLS team in Toronto, then by saying we can't even...
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    The Canadian Soccer Thread

    Oh yeah... where's a good Canada patch for FIFA 05?
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    The Canadian Soccer Thread

    Hey.. a Voyageur~! I think you're over-simplifying the problem with a MLS team in Toronto. It's not that the West just hates Toronto.. it's that Toronto is always so quick to say "screw the rest of Canada... we're the only important city". I've said it a million times before, but having 1 MLS...
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    Update on the CC

    confirm the bug list? Chau is it possible to get a list of projected "fixes" for the upcoming verion of the CC?
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    FIFA CONCACAF Nations 2004 - have your say!

    Here's a look at some of the stadium banners...
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    FIFA CONCACAF Nations 2004 - have your say!

    Here's Trinidad & Tobago... Can anyone post pics of the current Cuban and Panmanian kits? Cheers.
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    Creation Centre Bugs & Errors: Post'em Here!!!

    Long sleeves were an option for sure.... 'cause I spent so long making sure the damn lines all matched up. I used the FCDB XP from FIFA French Touch, so I'm not sure about the Access or ECP utilities. You'd think since so much of the kits template is devoted to the long sleeves that they'd...