fifa 16

  1. FIFAMoro

    Kits Templates : PSD & PNG

    Guys, Is it possible to post kits templates in PSD or PNG, so people won't make too much requests?
  2. Jay Nightwolf

    Jay Nightwolf KITS

    Guys, because of the site's internal policies, I will be making the kits you request available in a community on VK, whoever wants some of the uniforms made, they will be there, whoever wants to order one can send them here or through the VK community, you choose and i will be doing as much as...
  3. segababa

    editing tutorials

    Hello Guys, I am searcing for text editing tutorials but since the game is nearly 5 years old, I can not find old threads. I need tutorial for compdata folder. Also I am searching for a good career mode mod for fifa 16 ( I would love to try chris2k13 fifa manager mod but links are dead)...
  4. vid1887

    National Teams - Game Recommendations

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I discovered it while looking for mods for Fifa 16 on PC. I've been searching for a while for a soccer game where I could play with the most national teams possible. Sadly, the last time EA released an official game like that was with FIFA World Cup 2014, which is not...
  5. M

    The tough decision on Fifa 16 or 21

    Hey all, I know all of you are on this forum because you prefer Fifa 16. I just played a few matches, and it is fun with the gameplay sliders changed. However, I can't decide what I like better. What is everyone's opinion on 16 and why it is better/worse than 20 and 21?
  6. A

    20/21 kits for FIFA 15

    Please upload all the 20/21 kits for FIFA 15 in this thread. Also, please upload the installation if you can. Thank you!
  7. elfuu_

    How can I change the game fonttype?

    How can I change the game fonttype? I want to do it like Fifa 20.
  8. S

    The most realistic gameplay EVER!

    Hello, I'd like to show you my gameplay based on Supernova's, I also would like ask all of You who could help me. The most important is fact that half time is 45 min (i know that most of you are not intrested in playing in that way, but I am). The results in matches CPU vs CPU are realistic fe...
  9. D

    Monetary Bounty: Extracting fo4_ng_db.dat

    Hello. I've been trying to extract FIFA Online 4's fo4_ng_db.dat for a while. I'm assuming it includes the player work rates and hidden traits, but it doesn't have the EASF headers like the other files. I can provide any other FIFA Online 4 files as needed. I will provide a monetary...
  10. KompanyThePeople

    KompanyThePeople's Converted Kits

    Hello Everyone! In this thread, I'll be posting my kit conversions for FIFA 14/15/16. Since I yet don't really understand the concept of kit making I'll only do conversions from other kit makers if they allow me. Full credits go to @riesscar because these are his kits for FIFA 20. I'm just...
  11. R

    Ansu Fati FIFA16

    This is a face that I did a few months ago but I did not upload due to lack of time, I hope it is to your liking. Download Link:
  12. JochemLFC2

    Keuken Kampioen Divisie / Dutch First Division Patch 16

    After lots of work I can finally release my first patch for FIFA 16. In this Creation Master patch you can find the Dutch First Division called the 'Keuken Kampioen Divisie'. This patch can only installed with Creation master 16. -Adds The Dutch First Division, The Play-offs System and the...
  13. Kovea

    Creation Master 16 backup

    Creation Master 16 backup Hello, I have a question where creations, faces and other kits made with Creation Master 16 are saved? clean my pc and do not delete fifa because it is on another hard drive but my creations disappeared, so I need to know so that it does not happen again and save my...
  14. ladiyaffe

    ÿaffe's kits

    Aloha guys! Here I begin to draw the most relevant forms for the teams of the football simulator of the FIFA series. P.S. I authorize the use of all my work in your mods!
  15. Sadstiiv

    RGB Template kits

    Hi! I started to do some kitmaking, i'll be sharing all the template kits i'm doing on this thread, feel free to request :D:D:D (I'm sorry if my english is not the best but i'm still studying it, hope y'all understand)
  16. PrinceDiman2018

    Edit structure Women's International CUP.

    Hello everyone, is there an opportunity to change the structure of the tournament for the women's International CUP mode? I tried change this in CM 16, but noithing found. I don't need other tournament so. I want to add more teams to this tournament. Thanks!

    FIFER's Faces

    Hey guys! I know I'm a few years late to the party, but I'll be making some faces for FIFA 16. Some new ones, some better versions of existing faces. I'll create some from scratch, and some from FIFA 18. To start, here is my Kimmich:
  18. M


    Hi all , How can i edit the wipe3d graphics ?
  19. King AJ

    Face Conversion, Minifaces and CM News by AJ

    Those who find it difficult to browse all the pages to download my works, go to my VK Channel
  20. ScottPilgrim

    we need Crowd and glares makers

    hey guys i think we need more makers for crowds and glares! if u post tutorials everyone can see and learn, i would learn and make every @The Wizard stadium available for everyone, i really love his stadiums