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Come and participate in our CPU x CPU competitions.


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Hello, come and participate in my CPU x CPU tournaments, in general it's free and we have our personalized fantasy teams and a YouTube channel to post the matches and see how our teams do in our championships using this cpu x cpu tool. Everyone is welcome FIFA 16, 15 and 14. Get in touch at facebook.com/neosportsbr. I am Brazilian.

We have 4 divisions, with promotions and relegations, we have pre-season regional championships and cups and super cups, champions cup and champions league and a champions cup with the 8 best in the general ranking. Come join us.

Whatsapp: +5596981338961
Facebook: facebook.com/neosportv
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/qk6rcnnZy9
E-mail contact: [email protected], [email protected]
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@neosportv
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Teams da Premier League Neotec 2024

Teams da League Neotec Serie B 2024

Teams da League Neotec Serie C 2024


Teams da League Neotec Serie D 2024


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We are the president of the team and after choosing a team we move on to hiring the players that are available and we can hire classic players, they cost real monetary values of R$40.00 and current players cost R$20.00.
Classic examples: Maradona, Van Nisteroy, Beckenbauer, etc.
example current players: haaland, neymar, vini jr and etc...
and then I create the president's player to play on the team and you can also choose the team's coach, which is free. The teams already have their own personalized uniforms in the club's colors. The owner can create a website to publicize his team's information. As the creator, I provide all the necessary information to create a team from scratch, but it will start from the fourth division. We created personalized team uniforms right away. We charge a fee and already register the team for our competitions.
In general, that's it, our championships are held annually from January to December.


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We still don't have foreigners as owners of our teams, but I believe that the internet helps us achieve this. Our championships have existed since 2006.