fifa 23

  1. S

    FIFA 13-14 Kits for year 22 or 23

    Hi am new there and im see that many of you make the new kits for old games thats very good am using FIFA 13 from 12 years and make kit and transfer from creation but i need national teams kits and some of the great clubs so where I can find a kits for 22 or 23 or 21 for fifa FIfa13 FIFA 14 ...
  2. L

    Mod fifa song Feet Don’t Fail Me Now I don't really understand how this forum works and so on, but here I leave you a song that was in FIFA 22, it's my first mod and what I did was put the Feet Don't Fail Me Now song for FIFA 23, a song well remembered by many, I...
  3. ramac537

    Argentinian Leagues MOD

    We are developing a mod that includes at least 4 Argentine football leagues, there is still time for the first beta, both on discord and on networks (twitter & tiktok) we are updating the process, I'll make some updates here too. The mod will include kits, updated squads, minifaces, banners...
  4. M

    New Champions League Groups 23/24

    Champions League all Updated Groups Images: DOWNLOAD
  5. kaboom

    Help me create a scoreboard

    Can someone create this scoreboard for me? If it's necessary I'll compensate your work, thank you very much.
  6. P

    Israeli premier league

    Hello to everyone who sees this I wanted to ask for help to create the Israeli premier league in FIFA 23 I'm looking for people that can help me with this and that's something I'd love to see happen If there are people who understand FIFA programming and know how to create mods, then I would be...
  7. M

    Fifa 23 importing faces

    I'm facing a problem with importing the face, when import the face files in editor tool, the face's right eye always looked glitched,In game and in editor tool, Why is that and how can i solve it?
  8. B

    United Counties League Add On

    Hi All, I'm new to the modding world and I'm looking for people to help me create the United Counties League which is a Non-Football League in the UK. Would anyone like to help out? I'd also like to add Vanarama as well within this. Here's a bit of information: Divisions Premier Division...
  9. K

    Help with sorting mods on FIFA mod manager

    Guys can you tell me thats sorting order is allright and everything should be working good ? It not can you help mi and sorting order thats how should to be? Thanks!
  10. B

    Create a Mod or Create Non-League Football

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone would be able to help me create a seperate mod or Non-League Football for United Counties League from the UK? Kind Regards, Brutsl
  11. B

    Vanarama National League - Fifa 23

    Hi All, I was wondering if there's a mod that adds this league into the game? (Fifa 23) Kind Regards, Brutal
  12. Spiderdu04

    FIFA 23 patch Mode Nation Ultra Algéria

    FIFA 23 Patch Mode Nation Teams Ultra Torment Ultimate ALG how to properly install the mod copied the squads in Document sitting copy and paste the SQUADS in this file before doing the following steps please be the mod path in FIFA MOD MANADGER here is the squads as here Squads20221114113614...
  13. P

    End-to-end camera fix?

    Is there a mod that fixes the end-to-end camera orientation? It's great... for one half. When teams switch sides, the camera stays put so that the player attacks downwards towards a half and a goal that they cannot see at all. I don't like the side view and this is the only alternative but its...
  14. B

    My Career File ( FIFA 23 PC ) is Damaged after Title Update 13 , How do i fix it ?

    Hello guys. Please Help me. My Career File ( FIFA 23 PC ) is Broken after Title Update. This career is so important for me because im youtuber and I continued this career for several episodes and recorded a video. But now I can't open it and it gives me a " career appears to be damaged and...
  15. America

    Compdata help

    Hey all, I'm currently working on making a Dutch KKD (1st division) mod. The kits are going well, and I'm also well underway with the logos and banners. The league is up and playable and also goaltunes work for each team. Now I only run into the problem that I have absolutely no understanding...
  16. A

    Fifa mod manager not working

    When I try to open fifa from the fifa mod manager I get this error, I thought it was the mod but I tried with other mods but it still doesn't work when I go to the log file I get this that to be honest I don't understand anything it says when i launch the game from steham with te command...
  17. 31wazeir

    Fifa World Cup™ logo change!

    Hey! I've created my World Cup tournament, using the asset of the built in Fifa World Cup™, it works very well but I couldn't find where I could change the Fifa World Cup scoreboard, plinth, archway etc, just like in the picture, I would appreciate it so much if you tell me how it's possible to...
  18. Igor_Kiriakov_10

    UNLOCK LOCK TO PLAYER in Tournaments mods

    Hello friends! I want to ask all FIFA editors if there is a possibility to unlock in Tournament Modes the customization option for Lock To Player just like you can choose in Career Mode. Is it possible to edit that from Cheat Table or Editor Tool? In this way, you could play the World Cup...
  19. B

    Add New Team ( or League ) / Rename Real Teams in FIFA 23 PC

    Hello Soccergaming guys. Glad to be here. 1. I'm planning to add a new team (or even a new league) to the game that can be selected in kick-off or career (preferably a team, not a league) but I don't know what to do. How should I do it? I have experience working with " RBDM , FIFA MOD Manager ...
  20. B

    I have a issue about import face models

    Guys, I have this issue every time I import face model. I just exported face, imported Blender and exported from Blender. I didn't make any edit or sth. Is there anyone who knows a solution?