1. messi as

    how do i have 2 fifa 14 at the same time on a pc?

    while I wait for the harry bulzak mod, I want to install another mod but in a clean fifa 14, without having to delete the other one, how do I do that?
  2. Emran_Ahmed

    FIFA 22 Theme + Official Soundtrack For FIFA 14 (Official Thread) (Now Released!!)

    ( !! ATTENTION YOUTUBERS !! ) If you are going to showcase this mod on your youtube channel, Kindly message me here or on Discord for permission, My Discord ID is Emran_Ahmed#1882. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. soria

    [MOD] [Project] Segunda División Uruguay 2020/21

    Hello everybody! I come to bring you a project of the Second Division of Uruguayan Soccer 2020/21 for our FIFA14. It really is not a league that is appreciated but it is the second professional division of my country that I admire a lot and I am pleased with the idea of personally creating this...
  4. Emran_Ahmed

    Bangladesh National Football Team Mod For FIFA 14

    Hi Guys' For those who live in Bangladesh like me or an Asian who needs a strong opponent team to play, THIS is the Mod you're looking for. Its a simple CMP patch Features: Full Updated Squad With New Young Talented Wonderkids Fully Updated Generic Faces Of Players Most Similar To Real Life...
  5. N

    Invisible players PLEASE HELP

    Hello everyone, Today i edited my database (just some transfers and skills), then successfully save the db in CM. Then i want to try the team and players but i dont see anything! :O In kick off (kit selection) and on the pitch the players is still INVISIBLE! :O Somebody can help me to fix this...
  6. Alphonso White

    Faces by GESTUS

    minifaces Bournemouth ссылка:
  7. Death GOD 7

    [FRM14] FIFA Revival Mod 14

    Hello everyone, we are planning to make an AIO patch where kits will be updated to 20/21 version with sleeves badges included(UCL/UEL kit might be included in this mod), faces will be converted from FIFA 21(except the players who don't have real face in FIFA 21), balls and boots will be...
  8. AcoolFIfa

    Squad file for FIP 14 by HBZ (unofficial)

    TRANSFERS FOR FIP 14 by HBZ (unofficial) 05.12.2020 by Tolyan1406 There are squads for fifa fip 14 hbz 2.20 fix. Made over 900 ongoing transfers in Europe and the rest of the world. ALL major transfers. DOWNLOAD
  9. Emran_Ahmed

    FIFA 14 NextGen(PS5 & XBOX SERIES X|S) Mod

    ---------------------------------FIFA 14 NextGen(PS5 & XBOX SERIES X|S) Mod--------------------------- This mod will allow you to get the full NextGen Experience On Your FIFA 14 Features : Full Gameplay Overhaul From FIFA 21 PS5 & XBOX SERIES X|S Enhanced Ball Physics Enhanced Referee...
  10. L

    scoreboard collection

    here I will be uploading different sb that I am finding on the internet.
  11. Emran_Ahmed

    PES 18 Stadium To FIFA 14 Stadium

    Is There Any Way To Convert a PES 18 Stadium To FIFA 14 Stadium?
  12. Emran_Ahmed

    FIFA 14 Online In 2020

    Hi guys, As we know fifa 14 servers were closed in 2017, so we dont have any options play this masterpiece online nowadays.. My question is, is there anyone who would like to investigate about the files containg the server informations? I have abilites to setup a server if theres a way to link...
  13. Emran_Ahmed

    FIFA 21 Theme For FIFA 14 (Official Thread)

    Hi Guys, I Am Making FIFA 21 Theme For FIFA 14... So All Kind Of Progression Will Be Updated Here... It's Currently In Beta Stage. There Will Be a Public Release When It's Ready. Any Kind Suggestion And Ideas Will Be Very Appreciated. Stay Tuned And Watch This Thread To Get Regular Updates About...
  14. soria

    Minifaces: Campeonato Uruguayo 2020 by soria

    Hello everyone, I make my first contribution by going back to the edition of minifaces for FIFA14. I am going to leave you the minifaces of the "Campeonato Uruguayo 2020", it is the 117th first division tournament of Uruguayan soccer organized by the AUF, corresponding to the year 2020. Where...
  15. J

    faces and hairs updated for fifa 14 by JuanMorales

    - I do not intend to steal work from others or profit from them, I just want to make FIFA 14 more realistic :) - Whenever I upload a face I will try to leave credits to the creator or to the site where I find it, if a face is yours and it bothers you or you are not in the credits tell me
  16. Lesiba

    HD Scoreboards for F.I.P 14 by Lesiba [No requests]

    Scoreboards and Popups. updated : 10-Jan-2021 Coppa Italia Eredivisie FA Cup FIFA 20 Scoreboard for FIFA 14 FIFA 21 Scoreboard for FIFA 14 FIFA 21 Meter bar for FIFA 14 UEFA Champions League UEFA EURO Qualifiers
  17. diazjesux

    Tutorial HEADS AND HAIR OF FIFA16 to FIFA14

    Here the little tutorial on how to convert the heads and hair from FIFA 16 to FIFA 14, on the heads the conversion is perfect, on the hair there are small errors, there are users who know much more about this topic, I just hope that if they find a way to improve conversion, share your...
  18. diazjesux

    Faces XVI to XIV by diazjesux

    The method is experimental, faces can have bugs I am not an expert on the subject but I started to edit some files and managed to convert the head and hair files from fifa 16 and this is the first result Beckham (from PES2020) to FIFA 14 Download
  19. Emran_Ahmed

    FIFA 14 To FIFA 13 Face Conversion

    Can anybody help me about converting FIFA 14 Faces to FIFA 13 faces??
  20. Emran_Ahmed

    Help Me Please || File Master Not Opening

    I used file master an hour ago, but i cannot use it anymore..its just not opening I looked at the task manager I found that the task manager instantly suspends the application... Tried compability modes, not working tried searching a solution on the internet but nothing working Please suggest me...