1. luancn10

    Database fifa 20

    Which program do I use to edit transfers and create new players in the Fifa 20 database?
  2. A


    Hello everyone! I present to u my FANTASY KITS for Cardiff City career, which works perfectly with FIFER's Realism Mod. I know I'm not a professional graphic designer (I'm still working on it), but if someone likes it feel free to download! You can just install .fbmod from the link below...
  3. Younoit1

    Younoit1's Kits

    I've completed the Ligue 1 2020-21 season's kits and I'll just start posting the random kits I've done between projects here. First off, Paderborn 2020-21 Home/Away Textures can be accessed here:
  4. deathcommand

    Death Command MOD *something diferent*

    DEATH COMMAND is back! **DOWNLOAD THE MOD FREE FROM HERE** Version 02 Play with the legendary team Death Command in your FIFA20! Also visit our site and download the comic! Please follow us! follow us to stay in touch with the new amazing updates! This is just the begining
  5. L

    How do I change the club that wants to hire me in player career mode??

    I use the live editor and I can only change the Club Offer to Manager mode, but I wanted to change it in Player mode and it doesn't work in Job Offer
  6. S

    FIfa 20 offline activation?

    Hi everybody yesterday I lost my fifa 20 offline activation :( Could any of you activate it again for me? please....!! :(
  7. diazjesux

    NEW FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Patch v3

    AT NO TIME A LINK IS GIVEN TOWARDS THE ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD OF THE GAME, THIS IS JUST A SIMPLE PATCH FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Patch v3.0 --Probably the latest version of the patch for nintendo switch * Most of the above errors, I have managed to correct them * Based on database of FIFA Infinity...
  8. M

    MarianTIM SuperPatch 2020 New !!!

    Hi guys, This is my new 2020 update for FIFA10 I hope you like it. Download details: MarianTIM's Superpatch 2020 Content (size 4,24 GB ) All updates from my previous Patches are included. See more...
  9. Déco

    the game at 60fps playing and 60fps on replays?

    Does anyone know how to keep the game at 60fps playing and 60fps on replays? I have a rx 5700 XT and I have already tried several configurations using the amd radeon panel and not, the most I can do is leave the game at 60fps, but the replay is always at 30 fps
  10. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Sky Sports Patch

    Hi there! :alex: I wanted to share with you guys this Sky Sports mod that I've made for myself. This mod adds bunch of Sky Sports logos to both TV and news sections. Best used when playing with a Premier League team. I've decided to include project file now as well, so you can update it...
  11. Arethiel

    FIFA 20 Standard Edition Origin Key - GLOBAL - GIVEAWAY

    Hi there! :mike: My name's Arethiel and I'm best known for making some nice free kits that can be found in this thread or for Kit Generator on this thread. I've also helped many other modders in order to make FIFA 20 the best game it can be. The reason of me making this thread is that I want...
  12. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Kit Generator

    Hi there! (H) Here you can find Kit Generator for Nike, Adidas, Puma and some other, smaller brands. This was something that I wanted to do for a long while. A PSB file that will make your work so much easier and faster. I've tried to make it as simple as possible. If you find any issues or...
  13. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Hi, guys! :taz: My name's Arethiel and I'm a Twitch streamer, modder and kit maker for FIFA 20. I'm a big Chelsea fan since 2005 and plan to make kits for them that I'll be using in my save and give them to you, for free. You can also requests your own kits for free on my Discord server and...
  14. razvanultra55

    FIFA 20 DX12 Reshades

    FIFA 20 DX12 Reshades Hy guys, i'm testing new reshades for FIFA 20 with DX12 support. Bellow some testing screens. Give some feedback over what you see, and if it's ok i will publish a test for everyone who wants to test it.
  15. HoppyJoe

    Joebro's Faces

    Hello boys, Long-time no see. Before this, I posted faces on behalf of HoppyJoe Faces. Stoked about the new Frosty Mod! We can finally make faces again. Thank you to everyone who helped the modding community. I will post my face making progress here. Please, no requests here. Send me a...
  16. Fernanditus23

    Improved Goal Nets (It does not work?)

    In FIFA 20, an error occurs if we modify the goalnet styles in Locale.INI. They don't look good visually. In fifa 19 it works correctly. 1) DEFAULT 2) SOCCERNET_BOX_NORMAL_TENSE_4_SUPPORTS = 1 (Hards - Picture ONE) 3) SOCCERNET_BOX_DEEP_LOOSE_4_SUPPORTS = 1 (Football Kingdom Style - Picture...
  17. X

    Retro Kits Fifa 20

    Hola, alguien podría hacer o publicar retro kits? Cómo kits del Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Milán, FC Barcelona...y subirlos en formato .fbmod Muchas gracias
  18. Blaze Dim

    SOS ! Commentary needed

    Please help me understand how to import italian and German commentary in my fifa 20 champions edition ? It comes with frenxh, Portuguese, Spanish only. I have a friend wirh Ultimate edition that has all languages and i have the files but dont know how to do it in order to have it visible in...
  19. Fidel Gameplay


    FIFA 20 EXCLUSIVE MODS - DOCTOR+ PRODUCTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - FIFA TRANSFORMERS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - FIFA 20 INITFS_WIN32 EDIT PACK - REVOLUTION DATABASE MASTER 20...
  20. C

    FIFA20 Icon 55 Squad files by ChickenAJE

    Hi I am chicken222, a.k.a. Chickenaje First, I cant speak English very well. Anyway I finished making icon squads. I share my works The squad file I made is base on Aranaktu's db files thanks to him The icon squad includes 55 icon players because I don’t want to see other icon players...