1. FrederickDST19

    ¿Im Back?

    Hola chicos, espero que esten bien, ha pasado mucho desde la ultima vez que estuve por aquí.. En fin, vamos al grano, tengo muchas ganas de volver con el Facemaking, pero con fifa 20, y quisiera saber si saben de algun video tutorial de como trabajar con este fifa, ya que no tengo ni la mas...
  2. W

    PC 'stuck key'

    When I launch Fifa 06 I cannot select anything properly because every time there is a 'stuck key' problem. It looks like the left key and/or other button are pressed the whole time so I cannot navigate through the menu properly. Does this problem have a solution?
  3. M

    Ecuadorian League Patch (In Progress)

    Hi every one i am creating a patch about The Liga Pro Ecuador, I having a great progress and I am looking for people who could colaborate with me to makle this patch. I really hope this mod could be complete, I really wish latin and ecuadorian modders could make a great work editing. CARRER...
  4. Scouser by heart

    New modder here I've got some questions

    Hello, this my first year trying to mod the game and I would like some of the more experienced modders to answer a couple of questions I have. 1) What kind of things are we cable of modding at this stage? 2) Does documentation about frosty tools exist? 3) Is a dynamic theme mod possible...
  5. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Tutorials

    Hi there! :pinky: Here you'll be able to find tutorials that I make for FIFA 20. I've made first video some time ago and it got so much more views that I thought possible. That inspired me to throw even more time into things like Kit Generator, making kits and tutorials. Feel free to ask for...
  6. H

    Pls help, Creation Master 11 not opening suddenly

    Hey, everyone, if someone is there, could you help me? I use FIFA 11 still, still added teams and things for my game day-by-day. I installed Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth (which updated soem things like games likes to do) and TOCA Race Driver 3, and now suddenly CM 11 don't want to work...
  7. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Kit Generator

    Hi there! (H) Here you can find Kit Generator for Nike, Adidas, Puma and some other, smaller brands. This was something that I wanted to do for a long while. A PSB file that will make your work so much easier and faster. I've tried to make it as simple as possible. If you find any issues or...
  8. B


    Guys a lot of the stadiums in career mode turn out to be an all black of nothingness. there's no grass or crowds or stands or anything. players and the ball are there but it's weird. i dont know if its because of one of the mods i installed but is there a way to fix this?


  10. J

    Play online with edit database

    Hello guys! I have a problem. Today, in 2k19, me and my friend continue playing this game, but when we want play with updated database to direct ip, this problem appears and my question is if it will be possible to play with modded databases ty
  11. Alan23

    Help me create a scoreboard please !!

    Hi guys, I need your help creating the Liga do Brasil scoreboard. If anyone can help me I will be very grateful. (I'm very layman about edits)
  12. K

    Problem installing Spanish commentary (original FIFA 11)

    Hello everybody, I've been trying to instal the patch Spanish commentary (original FIFA 11) from this thread: I followed the instructions but in game nothing is changed. I'm playing the EU version with...
  13. 0

    HELP ME :(

    Hello. I have fifa 19 cpy, installed update 7 cpy. When I want to install a mod in Frosty Mod Manager, I get an error, "mod w designed for a different patch version, it may or may not work. The error is displayed when trying to upload each fashion. I will add that the game works.
  14. JulesMate52


    Hi Everyone, I´m new on the forum . I´d like to know how to make added/cloned teams work in FIFA 14 For example, I´ve added Algeria using moddingway patch database 22.10 I created Algeria with ID 131111 Everything worked fine in editing and training ground but when I choose the team in select...
  15. A

    Fifa 10 crashes right before match every time

    Hi everyone, I recently installed Fifa 10 on my windows 10 pc but it crashes right before the match loads up. I have tried running it using windows XP/7/8 etc... compatibility but the issue still remains. I can go through the menu's fine and I have tried using it at high and low resolutions...
  16. Aiden Azar

    Aiden Azar's Beard Problem Is Urgent

    :andrei:Ok guys, I hope someone may answer me. So I am a newbie and trying to make a beard for my man, Aiden Azar (FIFA 15)! Using arianos script in Blender 2.71, I imported Aiden's head_model.rx3, face_texture.rx3 and his eye_Texture.rx3. So now I wanna give him ONLY a beard(no head hair). So I...
  17. T

    Problem creating new leagues on MM

    I have created new leagues on MM. When I star a career mode the game turns off. I give them new IDs (not replaced) and I have ensured to get all right.
  18. İsmail Çuha

    I Need World Cup Update Kits

    I can not find the kits (for Nike 2019 kit patterns) that came with the World Cup Update from Frosty Editor, please help... :(
  19. df10

    Color Of Kits Numbers (Question)

    How can I change the color of the numbers for the FIFA 18 kits? ¿Como puedo modificar el color de los números para los kits de FIFA 18?
  20. scottb7777

    Adding third kit?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to add a third kit to my team (Leeds) with no success, I followed the advice on this thread: but it didn't seem to work for me. I've cloned the away kit using CM16, made the clone the 3rd kit, updated the imagery, but...