1. DarkerB

    DarkerB Fantasy Kits

    Hello, my name is DarkerB and i make fantasy kitsets, before i used to do it en masse and by request, but due to the lack of time am mostly making for myself and my career saves so if you play the same teams as me you'll have yourself a decked out save. I am apologizing in advance if i forget...
  2. G

    Over 50 create a club custom kits mod
  3. Ascendian

    FIFA 22 Goalkeeper Career Mode Pro Camera Fix (Mod)

    Hello, I made a camera mod which addresses the glitched Pro Camera that happens in goalkeeper career mode. Now the camera is at a more acceptable angle allowing you to see more of what's going on in front of you. Hope you enjoy!
  4. messi as

    how do i have 2 fifa 14 at the same time on a pc?

    while I wait for the harry bulzak mod, I want to install another mod but in a clean fifa 14, without having to delete the other one, how do I do that?
  5. J

    Season 2010/2011 Remastered

    Hello all, I have been working on a total conversion of the FIFA 11 DB to FIFA 16. But I need help fixing a bug that causes career mode to crash before even starting. All other game modes work perfect. I've tried many things to fix it but to no avail. The reason of this patch is to make it...
  6. shoneroma90

    FREE MODS Project / Collaboration - All in One Place

    Will be updated. ------------------------------------------- FREE MODS List
  7. TheWickets

    TheWickets personal world cup mod, all kind of graphics

    I want create a personal world cup mod every FIFA, I will work every year on first 70's nations of real setember FIFA ranking. I will post kits, flags, stadium dressing textures free to download. I will use UCL kick/off to create my mod. Feel free to download some of my staff for your mods and...
  8. Zizu07

    FIFA 11 - Nostalgia mod (fifa 07)

    Hi everyone! Sometimes i remembered FIFA 07... music, squads, atmosphere, it was a good times, but the engine, to be honest ,isn't playable for today. I hope there is someone else who did spend a lot of time in this beautiful game and ready to join this project and reincarnate this legend! The...
  9. jlastur33

    New Version of RSG Mod (Sporting de Gijón)

    Mod for fifa 21 of the Real Sporting de Gijón club (LaLiga SmartBank). includes: - Real faces of the RSG players - HD minifaces (first and second team) - Banners & flags for all LaLiga Santander & SmartBank teams - Copa del Rey and SuperCopa de España with real logos and trophies - Preseason...
  10. vid1887

    National Teams - Game Recommendations

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I discovered it while looking for mods for Fifa 16 on PC. I've been searching for a while for a soccer game where I could play with the most national teams possible. Sadly, the last time EA released an official game like that was with FIFA World Cup 2014, which is not...
  11. A

    20/21 kits for FIFA 15

    Please upload all the 20/21 kits for FIFA 15 in this thread. Also, please upload the installation if you can. Thank you!
  12. E

    FIFA 20, 5+ players mod [OFFLINE]

    FIFA 20 only allows up to four people to play at one given time offline. The video below shows what happened after I connected four controllers to my FIFA 20. Once four of the five had selected sides, the fifth player could no longer be assigned with a side. This is extremely disappointing...
  13. A


    Hello everyone! I present to u my FANTASY KITS for Cardiff City career, which works perfectly with FIFER's Realism Mod. I know I'm not a professional graphic designer (I'm still working on it), but if someone likes it feel free to download! You can just install .fbmod from the link below...
  14. deathcommand

    Death Command for FIFA19 WIP

    hello pals! as you already knows Death Command is back... and we´re working on FIFA19 Version!!!!!! Take a look our MOD Follow us for all the news and updates in
  15. A

    Tottenham Hotspur new stadium

    I request all the modders to please make the new Tottenham stadium for FIFA 15 If not, please tell me how to, so that I can make one and upload it

    Liga Promerica de Costa Rica

    MOD de la Liga Promerica de Costa Rica English: TO PLAY WITH ALL THE CHANGES, SELECT THE SPANISH LANGUAGE MEXICO (SHOWN WITH THE FLAG OF COSTA RICA) Content: - Liga Promerica Clausura 2020 (Kits, squads, faces and ratings) + 4 second division teams - Added the Costa Rican team - Adboars of...
  17. Zotac2012

    4K-Splash Mods and More

    Here I make some of my 4K-Splash Mods available, what is important to me, that not every user signs up and writes now, can you please also make a 4K-Splash Mod for my Club XYZ. I will always make 4K-Splash Mods for certain clubs or generally for FIFA 20, important for me is that the splash mods...
  18. A

    FIFA FACES PS3 ( probably in Xbox360)

    Hi, How are you? My named is Angelo, and for several days i have been gathering several faces, testing them on my ps3 fifa 19 and seeing which ones are alike, which are missing and which can be fixed. Honestly, i dont know how to use editing programs, so its difficult for me to fix or modify...
  19. M

    FIFA 20 Career Mode Patch by Afif

    Since i got some free time during Covid-19 Pandemic, i made this as contribution to the FIFA 20 community. I attach these files (.fbproject , .fbmod , and edited data folder ) into .zip so you can edit the way you like it. This patch compatible with March 31st update. Patch Notes: +Training...
  20. J

    Convert FIFA 15 Shoe Model to FIFA 16

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone here is capable of converting a few FIFA 15 Shoes 3D Models to FIFA 16. I have tried importing the model in CM16 to no avail, and I would really appreciate if anyone can help. I have made a 2008-2009 patch for FIFA 16 with complete boots, balls, uniforms...