1. ovide

    EA FC24 Community Mod season 23/24 for fifa 14

    Hello everyone the season 23/24 for fifa 14 has begun status as the name says, this is the community mod, everyone contributes in the way they can FC24 theme READY, made by Emran_hamed fc24 database READY, made by...
  2. ClubberClay

    ClubberClay's Mods (Better Menu 1.0, Metric System,.. ) - TU5 for FC24

    Better Menu Mod for FC24 1.0 TU5 Features in career mode: -Start button: Save -Select button: Game Settings -RT button: Calendar -Added under "Customise": Edit Teams button, Club Transfers button -Unlocked Side Select (you can choose to play the opponents team) -Extended Edit player (Edit...
  3. DeBuDDi

    [Project] FIFA 14 Patch 11/12

    FIFA 14 Patch 11/12 Hello guys as you see on image above i'm trying to create season 11/12 from fifa 12 dB to fifa 14 & fifa 15. for db i use here FIFA dbs since FIFA 98 (download) this project will slow due to knowledge editing/mod and resource to make the patch work in kick-off and career...
  4. M

    Polish National Team Mod

    Polish National Team Mod Crests Sqauds Scarfs and Banners New National Anthem Download
  5. 31wazeir

    FIFA Club World Cup Mod for Career Mode - FIFA 19

    Hey guys, I am glad to announce that the FIFA Club World Cup is finally here for Career Mode, it's definitely been waited for quite a long time, so here it is, updated and with right fixtures, League winners, etc. FEATURES: - Adds FIFA Club World Cup competition to Career Mode. - Adds 3...
  6. A

    Fifa 22 crashes

    Hi everyone ! If you don't know, i'm modding the French division from the 3rd to the 6th. Everything is perfect, works etc... EXCEPT 1 thing : players. I already created 1300+ players for the 60 teams that i edited so the mod is finished but when i simulate some seasons the game can crash. I...
  7. grhaer9

    FIFA 24 Kits Mod

    Hi! I am a simple kit maker who enjoys customizing FIFA using all of the great tools the community has created! I have a kit thread in the FIFA23 subfolders but I wanted to share my 23-24 kit mod. It has the most recent confirmed and predicted kits for the major leagues and also the teamkit.txt...
  8. J

    DB Converter isn't working

    One thing I wanted to do was work on a mod of NHL 10 that replaces the Czech and German leagues with the KHL and some new international teams. Now, why am I asking about an ice hockey video game in a soccer forum? Well, that's because one of the tools needed for the mod, myfifa2005 DB...
  9. D

    Is it possible to change the textures of the coaches' clothes in career mode?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to change the textures of the clothes that you get in the career mode menus, because using the live editor and the FET I can't find the IDs to be able to visualize the models and textures. Thanks
  10. D

    How to regulate the transfers that occur in career mode?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to touch any file within FET or Squad Files to manipulate the transfers that are given in career mode. Example: I want to make it much more likely that a transfer between two teams in the same league will take place before all the players go...
  11. F

    Please help using mod manager

    So when I try to use my mods I always get the error that there isn't permission to enter fifamoddata or whatever. I have tried deleting the file myself, automatically deleting it when clicking run, I can't make mod manager an administrator (when the app pops up the option "Run as Administrator"...
  12. R


    Hello all, I have bought a Brazilian MOD and its amazing, but I want to add some tournaments on this MOD and one team. I do not have the project file for the Brazilian MOD, however I do have the IDs. I've already created some tournament MOD (New world cup for clubs every 4 yeaars with 32...
  13. himre20

    Edit player, save, go back to main menu. Is there a mod that fixes this?

    It would also save a lot of time if the game would only throw back to the team selection after the save. Does anyone know of a solution to this or should this be accepted as it is?
  14. M

    National Teams on Kick-Off

    Is it possible to add the missing World Cup National Teams like Brazil to Kick-Off via RBDM 23 or Fifa Editor Tool?
  15. A

    [OLD] National mod by Apollo

    Hi ! I'm not a real modder, i'm just trying to learn in order to create my dream : having the French third division. The mod isn't finished yet (and i'll maybe never finish it). What's inside the .zip : - The mod - A readme file (in French) - The squad file How does the mod works : - I...
  16. giorgos900

    Missing international kits (FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 PSP MOD)

    Hello there! So I decided to start this thread after downloading and playing the high-quality 2022 WC PSP mod from this website (the game's language is Spanish but it's the best of its kind in my opinion): The game...
  17. M

    Player Commentary

    Hello. Is there a way to assign commentary names to a player using RDBM 23, live editor or even cheat engine? because I have created a team and I wanted to add the commentary names to the new players. When I try to do it in-game the game crashes thanks
  18. Ascendian


    My mod improves the GK Pro Camera in Career Mode, like the one I made for FIFA 22. EA unsurprisingly still has not fixed the GK camera glitch, so I took it upon myself (again) to fiddle around with editing tools and make this mod. I am not an experienced Modder at all, this camera, although...
  19. himre20

    Help with carrer mode leauge team slots

    Hi! I was wondering how you can remove teams from a league without crashing your career mode? Because if I understand it correctly, the reason for the crash is that the game prepares x number of slots for teams in advance and then it encounters empty slots. Personally, I've cut the 16 teams in...
  20. jlastur33

    New RFEF Mod Fifa23

    Coming soon, according to the functionality of the Fifa Editor Tool (FET), the Liga RFEF mod project for Fifa 23 will be started,... based on the structure of the RFEF mod for Fifa 21. For more information or consultation of the mod, as well as suggestions of clubs to include in the mod, visit...