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  1. Steroidick

    Looking for a Facemaker

    Hello everyone, we are looking for people who know how to create faces for EA FC 24, we are recruiting people for a team to create a patch/mod, something similar to the EEP mod
  2. A

    RNGP 15

    Hello everyone. I created this post to share with you the mod RNGP 15 that adds Liga 1 and Liga 2 from Romania into FIFA 15. The patch was created by FIFA NEXT LEVEL team in 2015. Here is the link for the patch: Link 1: https://www.mediafire.com/download/snhlqfqejhnmfd5/RNGP+15.exe Please let...
  3. Bonnah

    Brasileirão 2003 Patch FIFA 14

    Main Focus: Kits, Faces and stadiums/Foco principal: Kits, Faces e estádios Secondary Focus: adboards identical to real life according to 46th round of the championship, Played at december 13th 2003/Foco Secundário: adboards (placas de publicidade) idênticos aos da vida real conforme a 46ª e...
  4. G

    Search managermodeseasonobjectivemanager.lua patch

    Hi, in cm15 html guide it say that, "Using a patch of the file “managermodeseasonobjectivemanager.lua” it is now possible to play a league with any id in career mode. Doing in this way there is a limitation in the assignment of objectives.", so I search the patch to play my created leagues in...
  5. Dmitri

    FIFA Manager 2024 - Released!

    FIFA Manager 2024 is a patch which brings 2023/2024 squads, tournaments and graphics into FIFA Manager 13 (14). It also fixes a lot of errors and crashes in original game. The patch is released. Read how to install it...
  6. F

    FIFA 20 mod 23/24 poll

    I want to know how many people would like to see a update Fifa 20 to season 23/24
  7. DeBuDDi

    [Project] FIFA 14 Patch 11/12

    FIFA 14 Patch 11/12 Hello guys as you see on image above i'm trying to create season 11/12 from fifa 12 dB to fifa 14 & fifa 15. for db i use here FIFA dbs since FIFA 98 (download) this project will slow due to knowledge editing/mod and resource to make the patch work in kick-off and career...
  8. JochemLFC2

    [23/24] German Regionalliga patch

    Who's ready for the comeback of the German 4th Division the FIFA 16 ? After the Dutch leagues and Scottish league, this will be my 4th lower league patch that will be added to fifa 16 :). Kits are for 80% done thanks to Quackie https://fifakitcreator.com/showcase/user/238608from FIFA 23 Kit...
  9. OnePoleLeft

    CONCACAF 23 (Patch Name) Making A CONCACAF Mod With (Almost) All CONCACAF Leagues With CONCACAF Competitions

    Hello :) , I am making a CONCACAF mod for FIFA 23/FC24 (EA Sports FC 24) DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/el2dp58zhf297/CONCACAF+MOD+23 !!! DO NOT EXPECT EVERYTHING HERE TO BE ADDED This mod will try to include the likes of leagues of: SUBJECT TO CHANGE AFA Senior Male...
  10. rakamik

    Leagues & Teams patch 23/24

    many of you remember and download the patch for the league and teams [tokke001]. Therefore, I decided to take a break from the fifa 15 game with an update for the 23/24 season and the addition of a certain league. What will happen here? UEFA - England - National League (5) (most likely not) -...
  11. xtz51


    Hi guys, I would like to introduce you to one of my biggest projects. After editing and helping a team make his own patch, me and a mate of mine thought that we have the experience and knowledge to build our patch, in the way we want it to be. I will use this thread providing info about the...
  12. manecobra

    FIFA 1977-1978

    As a lover of old football and inspired by the work of GiGGiRIVA and others since FIFA 10 I was inspired and started working on this project. I'm converting the whole game for the 77-78 season, it's still halfway there, but I believe it's time to post the progress on the forum. Thanks in advance...
  13. U

    HELP | MLS PC PS2 Patch

    Can someone help me? I wanted a good MLS PC/PS2 Patch...where can I find it? I tried to download - WE 2007 [PC PS2] MLS, Mexican League, USL 1 and 2, but all the links are broken.
  14. Dmitri

    FIFA Manager 2023 - Released!

    FIFA Manager 2023 is a patch which brings 2022/2023 squads, tournaments and graphics into FIFA Manager 13 (14). It also fixes a lot of errors and crashes in original game. Below you can see a list of main features of the patch. -Updated database with 2022/2023 squads and tournaments -Updated 2D...
  15. M

    Hero Isl patch

    Hi,i am vishal so this is the hero isl (Indian Super league) patch this patch contains - banners - create a club logos - flags - scarfs - afc champions league logos and sponsers - afc trophy I also reccomend using paul2008me123 ENT mod and also The137man Kits FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch...
  16. itsByGexX

    |FIFA22| 1RFEF Patch (Spanish Third Division)

    Hi everyone! I'm itsByGexX, a new spanish modder who is just starting in the world of fifa mods and is working on a patch about the Spanish Third Division (1RFEF) The 1RFEF Patch is a project that I had in mind for a long time, but due to my lack of knowledge about how to make changes to the...
  17. diazjesux

    FIFA 22 Switch Patch

    AT NO TIME A LINK IS GIVEN TOWARDS THE ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD OF THE GAME, THIS IS JUST A SIMPLE PATCH *Changelog -Based on march 2022 squads -Licenced Juventus, Atalanta, Lazio and Roma -Added 643 banners -Added 224 faces and update Griezmann hair -Stadio Olimpico of Rome(Barca, River, Boca, Juve...
  18. itsByGexX


    - ENGLISH Hello everyone! I'm trying to make a mod that adds the 1RFEF to the game (FIFA22). I have the mod very advanced in the graphic and database aspect (Teams with their current kits, flags, scarves, league logo, etc), but I am having difficulties when I try to modify compdata to make the...
  19. J

    Back in Time [FIFA 16 to FIFA 11]

    Relive the 2010/2011 season or rewrite history with your favorite teams! After long hours of work and research I can gladly say this patch is in alpha. This is my first patch, I hope you enjoy. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! DOWNLOAD: v1.0 (10/21/2023)...
  20. shone90

    FREE MODS Project / Collaboration - All in One Place

    > FREE MODS Project - LONG INFO < This thread is a list of Mods currently in the making from various authors around the Soccer Gaming. They all need whatever help you can offer so we can all work togheter as a community and make Fifa Mods/Patches FREE for everyone to use ! Bellow is the list...