AC Milan Thread [2012/13]


Bogarde is a gangsta.

I don't remember any issue between former Barça dutchies (Reiziger, Kluivert, Cocu, Zenden, Overmars, De Boer brothers etc..)


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The Good
- Allegri's decision to go with an attacking 4-2-1-3!
- Zlatan's creative play, unlocking the Palermo defence for the crucial first 2 goals
- Cassano on the scoresheet once again; should also have had an assist

The Bad, and The Ugly
- Thiago Silva went off injured :(


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It's good to see Allegri finally using Robinho as a trequartista!! I was starting to think we completely turned him into a second striker, which he definitely isn't! Finally with Nocerino we have a midfielder able to tackle for the ball but also hold the ball (Gattuso :willis:), Aquilani was also a bit more disciplined, now we can play an attacking AM behind strikers, but when we played with Seedorf, Gattuso, and Pirlo then we desperately needed Boa in AM, now he can slot into RCM that'd be nice


I like that :)


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PRINCE! what a match! almost perfect really ...

- Abbiati f*ck-up giving one goal away,
- Antonini f*ck-up giving another away,
- Galliani on the phone after both incidents -- as if to suggest he's making the call to get some replacements (H) ...
- and then of course the epic comeback from 3-0 down at half time, to win 4-3!

I dislike old man Yepes, but scoring the winner in such matches is fan-favourite material, haha ... good for him ...

Fantantonio continues to do brilliantly, again providing the assists ...

Robinho[od], as always, blows hot one day and cold the next ... but the day belongs to the Prince: he was full of exuberance right from the moment he came on, and he was connecting with those shots oh so sweetly; he energized the whole team ... a first hat-trick, as a substitute, from some amazing shooting with both feet -- you'd expect nothing else from Kevin-Prince Boateng!


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Alexander Merkel was bought by Genoa from Ac Milan
At the beginning of the 2011–12 season, Merkel joined Genoa in co-ownership with Milan, which, in turn, signed Stephan El Shaarawy in a same type of deal


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^ yup Merkel and El Shaarawy were basically swapped on co-ownership deals, with Milan owed money by Genoa once the deals become finalized ... but Galliani, over the last 2 years, has become tight with Preziosi, which means the free-flowing exchange of cash and players (even Kevin-Prince Boateng was a Genoa player, initially loaned to Milan, before converting it a co-ownership, and eventually being bought outright) between the two clubs will continue ...


finally saw the match I recorded ... another matchday, another midfield hat-trick!

the team wasn't all that impressive overall, but the individuals are taking turns to put in a MotM performance ... who's turn is it next, I wonder? Taye Taiwo? he's due something impressive ...

the only constant has been Fantantonio, who seems to get a goal or assist every game ...


UPDATE 10/29:

no idea why Max started with Robinho against Roma ... once Fantantonio came on, the attack looked ridiculously more dangerous, and the crucial [and ultimately difference-making] third goal arrived ... Cassano and Zlatan just feed off each other better, while Robinho evidently performs better as part of a front three ...

Aquilani deserves special mention for really stepping up his game in recent weeks ...

so, provisional 2nd place after Saturday, and 4th place at worst by Sunday; guess "recovery" didn't take too long in terms of results/points ...


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Mandieta6;3136326 said:
Has Xifio gone to Milan to stand by his side?
yup, met up with his wife and mother, and a few close friends including Pazzini ...


but seriously, really sad to hear the news ... from the symptoms noted, they suspected an ischemic stroke, but the tests results are yet to confirm anything ... "moderately optimistic" is the official sentiment of Galliani, and all the players who've communicated with Fantantonio have all said that he seems fine ... hoping he recovers fully and quickly ...


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He's apparantly to undergo minor heart surgery in next few days, but a chance is he'll be back in few months time.


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so Fantantonio has successfully entered the recovery phase ... I obviously hope it goes as perfectly as possible, for both Milan and especially Italy EURO 2012's sake ...

the rumour mill is already churning out the transfer stories for Cassano's short-term replacement (likely a loan signing):
- I'm not against Poldi on a short-term deal -- his stint at Bayern means nothing to me; the fact is: this team doesn't have a left-foot option up front, and he'd be fairly useful as a stop-gap ...
- the Alex Del Piero stories are a joke ...

just wonder how long it will take before they mention Maxi López :nape: ...


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Xifio;3138053 said:
so Fantantonio has successfully entered the recovery phase ... I obviously hope it goes as perfectly as possible, for both Milan and especially Italy EURO 2012's sake ...

All ribbing aside, he's been a great player and unappreciated his entire career and I hope he makes a speedy and full recovery.


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always nice to get a 4-0 result ... Zlatan's vision was on display, playing deep quite often; he should have gotten a few assists, but that brilliant ball to release Robinho[od] (for 2-0) will suffice for the highlight reel, I suppose ... good on Robinho too, whose accuracy and finishing continues to improve ... so, third place for now, after Napoli-Juve was postponed ... not bad, going into the international break ...