Andy's Animated Adboards


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Andreasmax, a big doubt.
I'm using the latest version of ModdingWay 3.0.0. and to install the add of the German stadiums, it takes at DB Master, add in the table:
- dynamicimages
- sponsors
- teamsponsorlinks
Ok until then I know how to do "without problems".

What we do not understand is if these three will affect ModdingWay files. It is compatible, or work separately?
What is your opinion, and sorry for bad english * but I think you have understood my question.


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jeetmusic;3911088 said:
super work andy (Y)

thanks my friend


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Stefanowizck;3911204 said:
Super... where i can download them? Are compatible wirh moddingway?

in the next week there will be an All in one patch for more animated Adboards, including all previously published animated Adboards...

German Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League, Arsenal, PSG, Barca, Lyon, Milano, Roma....and many more...

Yes, it's compatible when inserting it right...