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No, I'm not planing to do something for editing sounds.
At the moment there is only the BH-Editor planned which you can see one page befor.


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I need some beta testers for the tool, I descriped on the last site (FHL-BH-Editor). Only beta testers, who are not new in fifa editing, so they knwo what they do and will write a test protocoll.
I hope someone is interested, so I could release the tool. Beta testers just pm me.


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Not enough beta testers --> no test-protocol --> no release.

The tool is finished for a long time, but I won't release it, if nobody test it.


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There is a voting for german fifa websites.

If you like the tools and patches made by MyFHL-Editing, then please go to this website:

Insert a firstname, lastname and e-mail-adress
Then select in the first menu "MyFHL"!
The second is not important. Just select one of the options.
Accept the agbs on the buttom and click on "Absenden".

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Starting XI
Mate, the bh editor has two bugs:
1) when you click on "regenerate all bh-files (take care of extern files)" the program does not really see all the files outside the big. For example it does not regenerate (that is delete the reference from the bh) the files in ui\artassets\sponsor_large...
2) when you make a copy of a big file (just for backup) the program see that file but it hangs up at the beginning with no warning and no crash... It hangs there indefinetely...

Hope you can solve them :)


Forgot: an "order by name" or "order by unticked/ticked file" function for every big file would be an amazing feature!!!


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Hi, thanks for reporting.
I won't do that for fifa 11, sorry.
But if I will make the tool for FIFA 12 I will try to include these points.


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Only one thing for ourself:

EA Community-Award Winner (Germany) posted by azeton 09-07-2011

MyFHL has made it and is now officially EA Community-Award-Winner 2011 (Germany).

This victory will hopefully bring new faces into the league make it even more popular.
Especially with MyFHL-Editing we grabbed some major attention due to the numerous Tools we released.
We hope we can maintain this kinda quality.
Thank you for your votes and the votes of your friends, we appreciate it!