Black's aka $ido's Stadiums


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nabo78;3959055 said:
$ido you rock!
Thx :D

Well Fellas, I'd not much time to work on the MDCC-Arena, but here the next screenshots form the last progress :)



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Well the next step is done, today I'd added the roof ads to the front of the roof.
Thank you very much Anamorph from for your help.
ps.: the fist stand ads are also added



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christophe83460;3964942 said:
Is simply always perfect !

Hey christophe! Can I get some help with Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 adboards as well as banners and flags for the new season?


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$ido (F|G);3958603 said:
Good moring Fellas, today I'm presenting u the next tow screenshots of the MDCC-Arena . Tonight I'd done the first and the last part of the roof (add new textures, structure and some little details :)

i love it :taz: