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Black's aka $ido's Stadiums


Senior Squad
When you'll release Magdeburg?
On the weekend I’ll see what’s all must be done to get it released, but I look for a date in the next 3 weeks
What happened to your St. Pauli update?
Not much, there is a bit work to be done and a few changes this takes about 4 days until I can say it’s come on date xy ect.
How are you?
Will you work on Ligue 1 stadiums?
I’m fine hope u too pal
Maybe in the future there some interesting stadiums, but for now I’ve some stadiums there waiting to get released.


Senior Squad
A bit late but better later then never
Well I’d found a bit time last week and starting to go back to work. Well nothing special until yet, however let’s go on, actually I’ve a few open projects, so as quick overview all stadiums looks good sofar there is a bit of work to do until it’s can be released like remapping, texture updates and for some parts it’s been needed to rebuild the meshes to get the parts or the whole stadiums ready for fifa in a good quality, so that nobody can complain about it. All in all there is a bit work to be done, but this shouldn’t take too much time. If everything works well and my time permitted it then will the waiting not very long.

Here a list of the status of each stadium.
- MDCC Arena / Stadium model done, just a few changes and texture updates to be done.
- Vodafone Park / done in converting
- Millerntor Stadion / done model update and lightmaping progress

more news soon…
See u late friends
Cheers Black


Senior Squad
Hey fellas here part 1/2 of a short news, so the stadiums are good in progress now, some bugs are fixed like flickering in pitch, missing vertex colore ect, well the first test runs are good, well there is still a lot todo but for now should it be not too long until they are out.
In the next days I’m uploading some ingame pictures so u can see them before u play in this stadiums.



Senior Squad
Hey Fellas I`ve a quick news for you, after a full inspecting of the model form the MDCC-Arena I'd found a few bad meshes (see picture below) which makes the the texture maps and at the end the lightmaps looking bad, so this means the stadium is still in work, but needs a bit more time until its finally got release, but the good news is this process may takes long and there is much to do, but I wanted to let u know that I'm now fully back at work at the stadiums more news this weekend...