Carlitos' Kits 2012/13


Reserve Team
Ohhh,, thanks Friends!!!

Kit Germany Away 2014/15 World Cup

Kit Colombia Away 2014/15 World Cup

Kit Nort Ireland Away 2014/15

Kits Argentina Gks 2014/15 World Cup

Kit Italy Gk 2014/15 World Cup



Reserve Team
Kits Brazil 2014/15 Away, GK and Third World Cup!!

Kits Spain 2014/15 Away and Gk,, World Cup..

Kits France 2014/15 Away, Gk1, Gk2 World Cup

Kit Switzerland Gk 2014/15

Kit Italy GK3 2014/15



Youth Team
Amazing work.
Can you make also Portugal kits pls:


Starting XI
Good job as always!! :)

I've heard recently England will be playing in all white and all red kits for the World Cup, just like Germany, Argentina and Portugal. FIFA are asking countries to do so for HDTV but not all will be.