Carlitos' Kits 2012/13


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spurs81;3643182 said:
Good job as always!! :)

I've heard recently England will be playing in all white and all red kits for the World Cup, just like Germany, Argentina and Portugal. FIFA are asking countries to do so for HDTV but not all will be.
Imagine Chile playing all red, it will look like sh*t.


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Not all teams are doing this, another crazy FIFA request. Germany in all white, Spain in all red, Argentina in white shorts and socks... where's the color going? I thought HD television was to make the picture better not mean we had to back to the old black and white tv days. :crazyboy:


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This takes you through the history of the world teams, for example all remember the selection of Germany with his black short to Argentina like his black shorts.
FIFA, the history is not interested.... sorry my ingles


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always thanks friends! I hope to continue!

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Great kits, congratulations man! You could do the following England kits? Already, thanks!

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