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Some feedback.

Thank you for continuing with chant packs! Just tested Bayern vs Arsenal in a couple of FIFA14 matches and here are the findings:
I guess FIFA16 and FIFA14 have different default sound volumes, because in 14 with default audio settings it was really, really loud: silencing the commentators and the ref's whistle, sometimes I heard crackling in my left speaker, sometimes there was static noise (e.g. in bayern munchen (17) track).
Unfortunate thing is, despite FIFA14 having separate sliders for User Chants and User Music, they just don't work. The only way to reduce the custom chants volume is reducing the overall Crowd volume to 60%, which isn't the best solution because the base crowd reactions to fouls, goals etc get silenced by the custom chants respectively, but it works.

Speaking of volume, I remember @gonzaga started working on chants for 14 and wrote
One thing I would suggest you is - not to touch the volumes in the game setting. Leave them on max. I tried to adjust the decibels of each chant so they won't interfere the match commentator's voices nor the game sounds.
If you are finding that all of your chants are too loud/soft, you can change this by adjusting volumes within the overall game settings.
Wonder what his experience in that regard has been. I'm going to test his Spanish chants next, but if he adjusted the volumes to fit the default ingame sounds then the 60% level will be very low.

I am no expert, but a quick glance at a Bayern chant by Nikola and a Real Madrid chant by Gonzaga, and the difference in thickness I guess shows the different 'base' chant layers for 16 and 14?

To sum up, I'd like to know what you guys think, is it feasible to release the packs in 16/14 volume levels, or is there a converter or a script that would batch reduce the volumes of selected mp3s by 40-50% and save them automatically?
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About max volume, i did that on purpose. Because of different games.

Use mp3 gain tool to decrease volume just in two seconds for many files at once.


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Added new chants Fortuna Dusseldorf, Eintracht Frankfurt and Augsburg.
Augsburg have couple specific ones + some generic German.


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@nikolapfc89 could you please extract Man United from fifa10 for me ?

And Everton if possible :)

EDIT - i already made it without need to even install fifa10 :D
Could you please upload the Fifa (10 or another) chants you got in mp3 or another convertable format?

I'm looking for decent quality more or less generic chants (EA style would be good here) to assign to teams in Classic Patch (where e.g. there are at least 10 English national teams and only the default ID one will use the default Fifa chants, as far as I understand it)


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Added generic Spain and generic Turkey chants!



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Good morning! I've been using your chants script on my Portuguese league career mode and I find it amazing. I've been adding more lines to the code so I can also have different triggers for the crowd booing, whistling, entrance, halftime atmosphere, etc. I have scripts for almost all the Portuguese teams now. I cannot play without it any more, it's very immersive, thank you!

Do you know any website where can I find full matches without any commentary? I would love to edit the sound of those and make small sound clips for different teams.


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If anyone finds out how to edit/add lines to FIFA 16 commentary, I'd appreciate it if they could post here! :D