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I would have liked to see us play 2 up top more routinely, but we have to stick with what works. In the preseason, though, before Drogba showed us how brilliant he really could be, I badly wanted to be those two to be paired. One was the perfect target man off which the crafty finisher could thrive. Still might be a great combo if given a decent amount of time in some game

Anyway, good news you blues. Wayne Bridge is rumored to be fit, and likely to start against Charlton on Wedensday.

Welcome back Bridgey :lui:


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Axolote said:
Is there any chance that Jose put Hernan and Drogba together in the starting line up...?

It would be nice...

Gudjohnsen and Crespo would start though. Gudjohnsen is the man to pick out Crespos runs.


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No worries about the war of words, weve got games to worry about and we've been lucky enough to draw Charlton. I think today might feature this from the sounds of it


possible shouts are guddy for Essien, Swp (though perhaps not after his last game) for Cole, and even Johno, who can apparrently play despite his broken hand (which the sun, in all its glory, claimed was the death knell of his Chelsea career :nape: ) for Ferreira, maybe even Geremi but hopefully not. Perhaps Huth will play, but I have a feeling Jose will keep Huth for Blackburn and keep Robben away from that game, for obvious reasons.

It sucks that such a strong side must be fielded so early in the competition, but hopefully next draw we get a championship side and can play a few reserves and youngsters against em


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Wow, it was a midfield of

Swp Crespo and Robben up front, but its only 1-1 after 55. JT put it in off a corner, but Bent stuck away a Huthie gaffe to equalize.

Sounds like we have been the better half by far in the second, all the chances are going our way, and there is definatley more urgency, and Joey is warming up.

Bridgey (good return (Y)), SWP off
Frankie, Joey on

Paulo slips to LB, Geremi to RB, and Frank in midfield

By the sounds of it, we are pressing them hard for that goal


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Not sour grapes....but Huth is just not good enough for Chelsea.Too many mistakes all the time,not talented enough by a long shot.He never looked the real deal from the first day.I really hope we do sell him on because he is s.h.i.t.e................ :kader:


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yup huth rocks!
chelski on the decline!!!!!

............maybe not-cause last time man city beat them, they went on to f*ck every team in the epl.
lets hope for one.although hats off to charlton.they now seem to be consistent and good enough.


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He is a very weak part of our squad and Germany's squad.Who the hell let him take a penalty considering what a crap game he had tonight.Bad mistake....bad bad mistake.I think the club have been patient enough with this guy.He is never gonna make the grade at Chelsea.Every time he plays you wonder just how long its gonna be until he gives away a penalty.Its a shame but he is sub-standard.


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Arrogant???? what way?You confuse arrogance with confidence and superiority my lad.Is it Chelsea's fault that other teams feel inferior .......... you should worry about your club man,not ours.............:ewan:


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Where the hell did this notion that he was good at freekicks come from? All he did was waste chances, and the penalty. Wow. I can easily think of 3 other players, and Carlo, that I would have rather seen take it.

Anyway, were out, so fair play to Charlton. They didnt back down all match, and despite the barrage they faced in the latter half and extra time when our boys turned it up, it wasnt job done.

Not the end of the world, but it denies us one less stage on which to rotate our squad. The biggest thing from this match is that Huthie's confidence might be shot. I think we can forgetting about playing him against scumburn, and I have to wonder if that loan deal that people brought up over the summer really is a good idea, although it might leave us a bit short at the backline, especially if Johno is sent out too.

Just keep the old morale up and ruin blackburn like we did at home last year.

Seán Denny said:
im so happy now chelsea lost on penalties to charlton and are out of the cup. the arrogant bastards deserved!
Im not gonna have a real go at you because youre Irish, but I'll put it as plainly as I can for you.

1. Mourinho is arrogant, but his arrogance serves a purpose. Not like Wenger's egomania
2. Every time you hear about a Chelsea player promising this or that, and how they will go 100 unbeaten and that they are better than so and so, its from either the sun, NOTW, the Sunday Guardian or some trash like that
3. Every time some idiot reporter from sky or bbc comes after one of our players or our manager after a game, and tries to get a tantalizing soundbite about arrogance, i.e. asks something like "is that the title won then?" players like Lamps, Terry, and all the rest always back away.

During the CL tie with Liverpool, our players were booed, spat and as they congratulated the Reds and walked off the field. Afterward, some neutral board members came back gloating about how they gave it large to our boys when they were sulking and crying. Then, when they were asked to produce a single shred of evidence that a central member of the Chelsea squad, or a leader on the team had even shown a shread of arrogance in a credible media source, guess what? They couldnt find a thing. If you can produce anything that validates our players are arrogant bastards, find it and show us. No, some idiotic comment from that mercenary fool Peter Kenyon doesnt count.


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Do i dare suggest Chelsea are on a bad run now or will it be back to business on Saturday against Blackburn?
Its the end of won unbeaten streak, and the start of another.


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Technically, a match lost in penalties is not actually recorded as a defeat. :jap:

Well, we might have lost, albeit in the smallest competition and under circumstances where we cant really say we deserved it, but on the upside I think were on about 42 games straight in the league. And I will be goddamned if Bellend, Dickoff, Matteo, Savage and the rest of those nouveau Leeds bastards are gonna bring it to an end.

Our boys will remember the match from last season well, and what they tried to do. Hopefully Jose does too, and puts Huth and Carvalho up front when were 4-0 up to crack a few skulls and knock a few of 'em down for fun.

Ok, so it wont happen, but I have a feeling more than just a few Chelsea boys would like to see that (6)


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Hate to start a new post, but the tone of this one is very different

I thought I should mention, lads, that the 22nd was the 9 year anneversary of the passing of Club Vice-Chair Matthew Harding with 4 other occupants in a helicopter crash.

A few years ago, I will admit, that didnt mean much more to me than the passing of a club legend. But after finding out more about him, and learning the history of his tenure at the club, I realized how integral this man was at a time when the club, financially and directionally, needed a facelift. This was an individual, unlike Bates, who came into the club not as an investor, but as a fan; He ammassed a private fortune and put it into Chelsea because of his love for the club from boyhood. Unlike Bates, he was a true friend of the fans, sharing drinks with them and sitting in the section of the north stand that now bears his name. It was Harding's vision, and not Bates' that saw the club chase the big names like Gullit, which eventually begat players like Zola, Vialli, Wise, DiMatteo, Poyet, The Rock, etc, and thanks to them, what we have today. While Cuddly Ken did his part for this club financially, Matthew put his own fortune into making it world class on the pitch.

I can only hope that he can see the grand fruition of his dream here in the 21st century, and know that without his help and his committment to this club, its fans, and its future before one of the most uncertain periods in the clubs history, all of Roman, the League, the players and the Empire CFC is becoming would never have been possible. I know I speak for us all when I say thank you and god bless

it was rarely this rosy between them, but here they are anyway

R.I.P :jap:


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Thats a fine fine shout Balla......I remember Matthew Harding very well.You are right when you say he was still one of the lads.He would always be in the pub,the Imperial Arms, before the game.Hated anyone else buying a round .A real down to earth geezer.Here's a little story that just shows what he was like.....We were having a drink after the match one day.Matthew was there and so was about 50 other chelsea supporters.We talked about the game just won, and generally having a laugh.I bought him a drink,( without him knowing about it ), and took it over to him.We got talking about next saturdays game against Man U.We were all looking forward to getting to that game,being one of the highlights of the season.During the conversation he asked me how i would be getting to Manchester the following week.I told him that usaually i would drive,but as i was still recovering from a broken ankle,that i might have to take the train or the coach.I mentioned that if my ankle wasn't up to it,that i might not go.He scribbled down a phone number,gave it to me,and told me to phone the number if i had a problem with travelling to the game.He said "The bloke on the other end of the phone will sort you out."
The following thursday,my ankle killing me, and to be honest, my curiosity out of control,i phoned the number Matthew gave me,to see what it was all about.Mathew answered the phone to my surprise.I told him i and a friend, were going to have trouble getting to the game.He said to be at the Bridge at 10 oclock on Saturday morning and he would send a car.What a result i thought.Anyway,The car picked us up to take us to the game,so i thought.The car took us to Matthew,complete with his helicopter.We flew to the game, and home again afterwards.That was cool .Thats what he was like.
He is still missed a lot, and conversations at the Bridge still revolve around Matthew,everyone having some sort of story to tell that involved Matthew Harding............Still cant quite believe that Bates had nothing to do with it.Not the best of pals those two.
I thought i heard Matthew,somewhere in the stand,screaming at Huth the other night.I couldn't even repeat what he was shouting......but he was right.......:funny:
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