CL Group A: Chelsea FC vs. FC Barcelona [P+R]


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Barc played just as bad as we did yesterday. Good to see Ca$ley Judas gettin owned the entire game though. Barc really suck without Eto


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Do you think Etoo would be enjoying this right now, maybe he will get the recognintion as Barca's most important player as he is


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Congrats to Chelsea, could have killed us in the 2nd half

Good 1st half for Barça, but after the goal, getting rid off the center foward and side backs and Chelsea on defensive mode was too much for us


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Rob said:
Hilario had a top game

No he didn't, Barça barely shot, was poor at passing and going for that high ball between Eidur and Terry, luckily for him the refree somehow called a foul


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Did Ballack play? Seriously, he's a waste of space in Chelsea.

Drogba, Essien and Boularouz were fantastic on the other hand.


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Very bad game by barça.

In the first half, we had our chances in the first half but Hilario made good saves. In the second, Drogba broke the game with a great goal, after that... only Chelsea on the pitch.

Congrats to Chelsea and, as someone said on teh radio, barça should just try to concentrate in advancing to next round and in La liga. No great games until Etoo is back and Ronaldinho starts playing again (something happens with him. He's not playing at the level he used tol)

No drama anyway. Losing in London is not that strange or surprising.


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faceNside said:
Did Ballack play? Seriously, he's a waste of space in Chelsea.
Haha what a suprise.

Good to hear Boula had a good match, now that was a smart transfer. He's class.


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hilario only had 1 difficult save basically from what i saw and it was a great save on messi, drogba with an awsome goal and about shev being poor sure he isn't scoring but who are the defenders always thinking about to give drogba all that space?


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considering Chelsea had 2 useless bricks in Ballack and Sheva, this was surprisingly "easy" to win for them. Other useless players, Ronaldinho, Gudjohnsen (but thats because Barca created very little).
about Sheva, he needs to wake the **** up, that was crap today. same with Ballack, it just feels Chelsea could have so much more on the field in terms of team width, etc.
Drogba, fantastic today. A perfect performance. Bouhlarouz (sp) was very good too, along with Essien. For Barca, Messi stood out, the rest were average at best.


Boula absolutely dominated ronaldinho, ronaldinho deserves nothing this year at all, sluggish and mediocre. On that note, shevchenko is ******* useless.


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Is it me or do all the chelsea players try to avoid sheva and ballack, beacuse it looks pretty obvious they are doing just that. They are never brought into plays at all. Thats the reason they have s*it games. maybe if they touched the ball they can actually do something... :monkey: (N)


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The critcism towards Shevchenko is unfair, he isn't playing bad, so he doesn't deserve to be called useless. I think he is being mis-used, he is doing a lot of the work for the team, but it is far too deep away from goals. He is linking up play well though, and I think he is just trying too hard to get the monkey off his back.

Very confidient once he scores one, the flood gates open.