Copa América Centenario 2016

Sir Didier Drogba

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Arnau;3938212 said:
Bravo fucked up twice tonight, he is in decline (his season at Barça wasnt as good as first)

Why do Barca seem to consistently have such strange policy with their goalkeepers? First the years of sticking with Valdes, now the rotation of two competent but hardly superstar goalkeepers. I know your funds are limited but would it not make sense to just one season go all out for a young, superstar goalkeeper and then consider the position sorted for the next 8 years? I don't even know what Barcelona is like with a top quality goal keeper - I know that with their style of football the GK has large periods of not much to do but this is the most integral facet of the star keepers - continued concentration, and is even more reason to invest in one.

You could probably get 15m for Bravo and Ter Stegen and then you only have to top that up by 20 to meet De Gea release clause


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Back Door Skip;3938324 said:
Bravo was never that good, not sure why he was bought. Even in Sociedad he was prone to a gaffe here and there.

Because we needed 2 keepers with Valdes and Pinto gone. Ter Stegen was going to start in La Liga but he got injured, then Bravo started and had good performances and 8-9 clean sheets. Lucho couldn't drop him. Ter Stegen will be our number 1 next season. Last season he played 27 games anyway.


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Arnau;3938190 said:
Anyway, its very difficult to gave an identity to a National team because they only have few training sessions. If you check great historical teams, most of their players are from the same team: Spain 08-12 Barça, Italy 82 Juventus, Germany/Holland 74 Bayern and Ajax, Brasil 62 Santos&Botafogo, Hungary 54 Honved...

This is true but it's not going to happen for Brazil anytime soon unless many play in same European team which is not likely ... I think Brazilian talents should be more careful about their destination ... I believe Spain/Germany are the best destinations followed by Italy/Portugal/Netherlands ... EPL probably the worst, for example, Oscar and Willian could improve much more in Germany and La Liga when there is less physicality, and more freedom, also, better tactics ... they're becoming utility player in england.


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Damn!! Talk about total domination and one sided game. After the fourth goal, I started feeling sorry for Mexico's fans.


No chance spaim can beat the 1-3-gypsies formation. Itali is going to win the milan san remo cup.