Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released


Youth Team
I've got a problem and I wonder if anyone else has it. I have created a player, and everytime i try to sub him in a game the game crashes.


Youth Team
Has EA Sports or anyone else come up with a method to completely stop the game from crashing to windows when you are about to play or view a team that has been CC2005 Edited?


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with the first version of CC, the game started up, but i couldn't pick any teams in career mode.

I was very excited with the update...but when i start fifa, it crashes... on 3 different pc's :(


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Boswell said:
I wnt to give Rangers a 3rd kit i have pressed the add button and added a mini kit and then the third kit but nothing in trhe game . anyone able to help me?

You have to add it in table_store in the fifa.db, but you can't see it in the game because it's not in the database in this table, of course you then have to unlock it also.


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wow guys, first off id like to thank whoever create this progra because it is amazing. I just have one question though...what is the excalt size of the flag should be to be able to fit? because iv tried everything and it doenst come out clear. thanks.


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The flagsize that I install are 256 X 128 pixels. They look too big in the CC window, but ingame they are perfect.