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Creation Master 16


Senior Squad
The good, old Creation Master is back also this year !

I have not a lot of free time so this year I am quite late.
I also had to close the fifa master web site because I have no time to maintain it, now my tools will be hosted at


by my friend Damien.

Special thanks to Malloc84 for finding the EASF decryption algorithm, gregkwaste for providing the LZMA decompression program and to Scouser09 for developing the RevMod patch that, this year, is supported by CM16.

As usual please use this thread for feedback about the problems found in the Beta version, not for other purposes.

The current version of CM 16 is BETA 3 and is available at Fifa Infinity at the link below



Senior Squad
Welcom back master!!!:33vff3o:

The GK gloves preview has problem with those new model. More than a half of them use the model like FIFA 15 while a few of them use new model this year. I think this could be fixed easily.


Club Supporter
Welcome back, Master of Masters. Allow me to say:
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...for your Creation Master.


Youth Team
So if we can't use generic formations, how would we go about changing a team's formation in CM16? The option to change formation is greyed out unless I'm missing something. Or would we just change that via editing the db manually?

EDIT: found it. Thanks for the tool this year. Great job!


Club Supporter
krisaju95;3894983 said:
done that as always

Mine worked after I moved my dlc folder into my data folder.
[edit] The database did open but it seems I'm missing all images ie player body, miniface, team logo etc. So my above solution may not be a solution

Thank you for this amazing program every year Rinaldo!