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DB Master 09 - Official thread


Unreliable deceiver
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Rinaldo;2602505 said:
Definitely I think that only English people should say "Sorry for my english" ;)

The thing is, though, that English speaking peoples' never question their english-speaking or writing capabilities.


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change teamplayerlinks in fifa.db on serverside

Hi, first of all, my mothertounge is german,...
I got a problem that might be solved here i hope.
Therefor i need to explain a little bit.
We have a transfer-league for fifa09 where you can buy and sell players at an "ebay-like" market(written in php). In the case that a player is bought the player has to change the team. Everytime an admin uses the DBM to change the teamid to the new teamid in the playerteamlink-table. To make the system more comfortable i would like my "ebay-like"-script to change the fifa.db online (automaticly).
I wonder how the DBM opens the fifa.db editable. I would like to script a tool that changes the teamid in the teamplayerlinks-table.
somehow like :read and convert fifa.db "update teamplayerlinks set teamid=$newteamid where playerid=$playerid" convert and write fifa.db
I hope i could put my idea across.
MfG (with friendly greetings)
p.s.: Thx for the DBM it is a great tool.
A hint about the fifa.db structure would be fine


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reassign some boots

I tried to reassign some boots (change the numbers), I saved but nothing changed - when in game, players still wore their ultrafuturistic EA boots.
Great program nevertheless


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I have a question.

I have been told that I can use DBM09 to gather information on a specific players model and textures. I am failing to see how! For example the face texture code on most players is 0?? There face type id is 135, but what is 135? Is there an intelli-edit xml that would make this process easier.



akash;2621354 said:
I tried to reassign some boots (change the numbers), I saved but nothing changed - when in game, players still wore their ultrafuturistic EA boots.
Great program nevertheless

set the players to those boots, you dont just import boots & waaaallllaaaa
they wear the boots. assign them to players. unless you remove the ead boots & replace w/ the boots you import.


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hi guys, i really need help with rinaldos dbm 09 i do change the boottypecodes and the colour but nothings happens,could some one pls explain the process and which other tools i need,thanx in advance guys,i am new to this.great programme though rinaldo.:blush:


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My question is for FIFA 08 and I trying to do it with DB Master 08, but probably they are very similar. I am desperate and hope to get an answear from Rinaldo or who else knows the answear.

I am a big AC Milan fan and I want to play with the black kit in multiplayer games. But even if both players have it unlocked, it does not work.
Probably I have to modify something with DB Master, but whatever I tryed, it does not work.
Probably FIFA doesn't allow 3 kits on-line, so at least, I want to swith home kit with 3rd kit. How to do that?

Any help would be much apreciated. :)


Youth Team
Rinaldo;2602025 said:
Create a new stadium and assign the id 2.

As some of you probably already know, this id slot has some pre and post game cinematics and stadium specific commentary in FIFA 10 PC. Does anyone have a list of which stadium ids have stadium-specific commentary and stadium-specific cinematics? (without any .exe cinematics patch installed)