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You're not converting the cff to the same rx3 you edited. If you used facegen you need to convert it using the head_XXXX.rx3 file


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FFS was about to release Coutinho, I had him looking so nice. I updated loads since the last preview, he looked perfect. I just re installed my Fifa and forgot I didn't have Alvaro Pereira or Coutinho saved anywhere o_0

I'll remake Pereira :/

Might make Luke Shaw...


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How come? :/




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Cris-9;3548619 said:
very good both of faces but dizze's texture style is more better and true

I liked them booth but I think Dizze's needs some updates on the model like the headshape. But it's up to him if he thinks it's ok...


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Cheers for the input Coolermaster, I could improve the lips and nose a little.
I'm not really going for that angry look though.
I think the expression I created captures more of his personality...