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I'm done for the night, will post more tomorrow, for now Bernard preview :)... Credits to Cris :)



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formotion 94;3549485 said:
nice! Release?


Jokes lol, yeah anyway...

Bernard's left eye just needs to be positioned a little more deep because when he looks rite it pokes through a little.

Pereira's neck needs to be thinned a touch because it comes through the under armor in wet conditions.
Also the hair needs to be fitted on the sides.

Drenthe's ready to go although I might add a little more detail to the texture.



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It's just a dark picture dude :)

Guys, I switched to Drop Box because mediafire kept freezing. Man this site is awesome.
I've download the app and it creates a folder in my pc that I can literally just drag the my
faces into and it uploads instantly from there. Its so cool :)

Here's the link with all me faces in from the past...


If any of you guys want to sign up to it use my referral link because it gives me more space...
Cheers :)

Anyhow here's Pereira...