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Hello, Giggi! Is there in patch hair of Cristiano Ronaldo from season 07/08?


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Those keys don't work. I tried them years ago. I'm also looking for a way to block teams. Often, in certain years, a defensive midfielder was perhaps deployed as a full-back. Fifa, on the other hand, only takes into consideration the first position, so in the various tournaments I find teams that are not at all realistic. I've seen putting left backs OVR 57 rather than putting right backs with second choice at left back with OVR 75-85... tactically FIFA has always been dumb as a brick...
ovide for the line-up consistency I usually select all teams at starting the tournament, its not a good thing to do, but in that the AI manager isnt interfere with line-up!!! Another "unhealthy" thing is to set injury to zero!!! :)))


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Gigariva i wish to be everything alwright, the health is the most important, if the next relaese is final version of patch it is not fatal, the health is more important, the patch is absolutely fantastic, like Shollym Classic Patch for PES 6 this are the two best mods with classic teams! Anyone to know some chants for the teams in the game maybe some neutral for everyone for FIFA 14 and some better hd green turf for the classic patch :) ? P.S. Im waiting for this release, and for removing the 2013 year from tournaments mode great work, master! :)
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Current situation decade 80 and the whole project...

Until 1980-81 the real problem was to reconstruct the various sponsors of companies that had changed their logo or disappeared. The more you go back the more the shirts become simple and repeated over the years. Probably some difficulties on some aways of which we don't have photos. While probably the more you go back on the database, the less data coverage I will have to find the players to complete the squad. I have data up to players who have 1 appearance in Serie A for each season. The data that will be missing will be related to third goalkeepers, players who sat on the bench (when it was allowed by the regulation) and have never played in the league. You will probably have a roster of 16-18 players

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