Duong's Faces Thread 09


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ah, wait guys :D i've just returned home and want some days to enjoy myself :P I've also gotten the game so I'll see what I can do. The faces will be released in a pack as before :)


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Great ones!!! very nice indeed!
Simple question, Nuno Gomes was looking good in 08.. is there an easy way to get that face in 09??


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Help Duong

I hope you'll read this post. Seven monthes ago you have released Duong's 11th 08 Faces Pack (inlcuding Malbranque, Eto'o and Valdes) but it's impossible to load it from this is link because it is a dead link (http://www.zshare.net/download/89525817af1c8a/) and it doesn't work. So please reload it or give another address thank's pal.:bouncy::bouncy::bouncy: