EEP 22 2.0 Season Update 22/23


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I am very sorry that this patch is no longer updated because it is of high quality and one of the best ever made.
it's really a shame but that's it.


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Hello, is there any way to import my own created club or from another mod to your mod ? (just for me).
Ty and have a nice day.
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I also have a squad file I modified for my personal use, its vastly different from the generic ones though. i use several mods to include (FIFER, EEP, MCK among others). my squad file is an edit of the one i linked above and will only work correctly if those mods are installed. i also added traits to all players, 99 balance, 99 aggression, changed referee strictness and increased defensive WR.. plus many other db tweaks to get it the way i want it..