EEP Euro 2020


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• EURO 2020 tournament with all 24 nations, real logos, scoreboard, crests, ball, trophy, groups, tournament system
• U21 EURO as additional tournament starting in Quarter Final like in reallife (with GER-DEN, NED-FRA ..)
• full compatible with each language thats supported by FIFA (also real nation-names in in the respective language)
• new and unique Menu (by [FMG] RBS)
• over 800 new styled minifaces (200 of them updated to the UEFA EURO shootings)
• 3 up to date (7th june) squadfile with real EURO 2020, U21 and EURO with Icons squads
• real EURO 2020 group match order (so germany plays 1st against france, after that portugal after that hungary only dates/time are may be a bit different)
• (nearly) real tournament system like round of 16 with winner group A against 2nd group C etc. (also with 4 best 3rd placed teams of the group stage joining round of 16)
• real adboards, banners and flags
• real stadium-assignment (for example quarter finals in Roma-, Baku-, Munich-like stadium and Wembley)
• assign facepacks with 100 of faces just with one click (EEP-Manager)
• Miniface Addon so each player of the EURO has a Miniface!

1) Unapply all other mods
2) Download, install, apply EEP EURO v1
3) Copy all 3 Squadfiles from download to "Documents\FIFA 21\settings"
4) Launch FIFA through FIFA Mod Manager and load the squads you want ingame!
4.1) you can also use other mods like no crowd etc but be careful and check if they are really compatible
5) Start a EURO 2020 tournament and have fun Optional: Use EEP Manager to assign faces or facepacks if you want BEFORE starting the tournament...

Download 21/EEP-Eurov1.rar

PS: I created a community kicktip. If you want to join:


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Hi! I would like to ask if this mod is compatible with your EEP mod, if there is a possibility to work both of them in the Fifa mod manager? Or I have to disable and unapply the EEP mod if I want to play the Euro mod? Thanks!


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Huge update v2 on EEP Euro:

- fixed and completly redone/updated over 50 kits and kitfonts
- fixed some roster issues in main and U21 squadfile
- updated main rosters to be up to date (replaced injured Jiří Pavlenka with Tomáš Koubek and all the other changes - **also with Miniface :slight_smile: ** )
- some stability fixes
- reduced kickoff to euro groupstage match, euro final match and volta

EEP-Manager v2 changelog:
- you can now open also tournament files (which give you the abilty to change the squad of a running tournament or assign faces)
- Squad-Exchanger so you can change the national squads on your own without buggy ingame-editor
- Tattoo assigner

EEP Euro v2 isnt compatible with Euro v1. So tournaments started in v2 arent compatible. Delete v1 and apply v2. Also launch v2 first time with the option (you can find it in FIFA ModManager on the arrow-Icon next to launch-button) "Delete FIFAModData and launch"




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EEP Euro v2.1
Another little update for the EEP EURO 2020.. Tournaments of EEP EURO v2 are compatible with it.


- updated badges on Portugal kits (Euro 2016 winner and also nations league 2019 winner) - updated squads changes like Ramsdale replacing Henderson - also with new minifaces
- new collar for italy home kit

Just delete EEP v2, replace the squadfile in Documents/FIFA 21/settings with the ones from download of v2.1 and load them ingame.

Download: 21/EEP-Eurov2_1.rar


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Could you include EURO 2020 bootpack used in the tournament in next version?

I already did few boots that wasn't available in the game which are available in my thread.