EPL: Chelsea vs Manchester United [P+R]


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Eh, not sure if you were joking or not, but that is exactly what Mourinho told the press here: he already had one and doesn't like to keep too much stuff around the house, so he decided to give it to the fans! :)

lol, yeah he said that to the English press too yesterday after the game... was just kinda quoting him :p


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well there are two people bidding at 10 mil, one has a feedback of "Refused collect, p/code nonexistant,refused addr/phone!" so i think he's joking, but the other person seems pretty serious, he's got a positive feedback of 98.9%. :nape:
although the seller doesn't seem real to me, it's got to be fake. 10 million and he hasn't even put up a picture of the medal.


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That will be funny if the buyer and the seller are fake. Although 10m? Looks more like Beckham's World Cup ball all over again.


Chelsea should have waited and bought the medals directly off ebay at the end of the season... perhaps the trophy as well.

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^ another fake

The first guy who caught Mourinho's medal was on the EPL Review Show today, and he said he was going to frame it or something, and then eventually pass it on to his kid.