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Evolution Patch for PES 6


Youth Team
I have a question. I have been reading this thread but not heard much abou the online part of this patch. What if I only download the PES.EXE and switch it with my original one? Will I be able to use the real team and player names then? Please help:)


Club Supporter
mike1422;2259575 said:
What's the diffrence between original Evolution OF and tweaked OF???

It plays a lot better.

The passing system is improved and the dribbling is more realistic and defences harder to get around. This meens that you need to play with fast passing rather than getting the ball and running past defenders.

I think virtually every stat is tweaked though, whilst certain players no longer feel superhuman, normal or average players actually play decent football, instead of being incapable of passing or turning with the ball.

Not sure how either, but shooting is a lot better. Its harder to get space to shoot, but when you do there is a lot less chance of your shot being spooned over.


Club Supporter
why is the O_sound.asf file so large in size?isnt it supposed to be around 450mb in size?its not working? can anyone provide a link to smaller .asf file?


Club Supporter
Can someone please post track list of music in this patch ?
I really like it and I can't figure out title of few songs.:boohoo: :bob:


Club Supporter
rat;2260451 said:
Can someone please post track list of music in this patch ?
I really like it and I can't figure out title of few songs.:boohoo: :bob:


Paul Oakenfold – Beautiful Goal
The Raplacements – Dallas Game

The Disco Boys – For you
Pink – U & Ur hand
Gracia – Sacrifice Me
Boston – More than a feeling

Lobby Log-in
D-Generation X – Break it down

Hermes Houseband – Football Megamix

Snow Patrol - You're all i have
Dario G – Carneval de paris
E Type - Campione 2000
Chumbawamba - Top of the world
Fatboy Slim – Rockafeller
Snoop Dog – Beautiful
Starsplash – Can U kick it
U2 – Beautiful Day

FIFA Hymne

Right said Fred – Stand up for the champions
Tina Turner – Simply the best
Queen – We are the champions

SP1 Mix by Zeus

Bryan Adams – We’re gonna win

International Challange
David Hanselmann – Go get the cup
Foo Fighters – Learn to fly

Master League
Remember World Cup Mix
Bob Sinclair - Love Generation
Dario G - Carneval de Paris
England Supporters Club - The Great Escape
Böhse Onkelz - Mexiko
Lightning Seeds - Three lions 98

Die Ärzte – Die klügsten Männer der Welt

Fancorner Hitmix
Fankurve - Football is comin’ home
Fankurve - You’ll never walk alone
Pet Shop Boys - Go West
Queen - We are the champions

One Way – Mix
Donots - We got the noise (starting sequenze)
Robbie Williams - Only us
Bryan Adams - We're gonna win
Chuambawamba - I get knocked down

Entertain – Mix
ACDC - Hells bells
Blur - Song 2
Robbie Williams - Let me entertain you
Fury in the slaughterhouse - Won't forget these days

Rockmix 1
Drowning Pool - Rise up
Union Underground - Across the Nation
Papa Roach - To be loved

Old Mix
Asia - Heat of the moment
Huey Lewis & the News - I want a new drug
The Knack - My Sharona

Safri Duo Mix

Mix 2
Green Day – When i come around
Rogue Traders - Voodoo child
Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Rockmix 2
Godsmack – The Enemy
Three Days Grace – Animal i have become
Rise Against - Survive

Greet. Tom


Club Supporter
can anyone reply if the patch for sound provided on the first page is working or not ?or just the links provided on page 16 are working? : |


Club Supporter
No Broadband = No Download :(

Please could any kind person who has got the latest evolution patch for PES6 please help me :D i have only got a very slow connection to the internet and my love of the great game is being under injoyed :( If there is anyone with a kind heart and a spare hour copy the whole evolution patches (all Files) i will send them the cost of a dvd and postage. Please contact me . I am sure there is a generous person out there and i hope that they will help me inhance my gaming experience
:boohoo: :mexican:


Youth Team
i have the 1.1 and sometimes exe files crash once you click on them and doesnt start the game. offline and online both. I have latest kitserver installed. Any idea why they crash sometimes and sometimes it works ?


Club Supporter
hi all. my first post here. can anyone help me in installing this patch? i dont have problems with copy- paste files. but there is some files, i dont where to put them. can someone make short manual how to install all files? ty.


Youth Team
it just crashed in the middle of the game :( anyone having problems with this patch ? Sometimes it crashes as soon as you click on exe