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Evolution Patch for PES 6


Senior Squad
Just a quick question. Are all the stadiums 100% done???

Because I donwloaded a stadium kit server patch from evo web but some of the stadiums dont have adboards. So I just want to know if this one is better than the one I have. Also how good is Emirates stadium, because on the patch I got it is very beautiful.


Senior Squad
Fudging brilliant patch, one little tiny flaw and that's the commentry, "A bad start to the league" even though i'm top with 20 or so points clear. lol


Club Supporter
I ask again "how to install faces", because they come in .bin files, I need to use some kind of program or what?


Youth Team
you need kitserver. after you download kitserver there's a manual that comes with it in docs folder. Read that, if you have problems understanding the manual ask question at kitserver thread.



Youth Team
after playing a few games in the league, now i cant play any games, i get as far as as the pe6 loading screen after the formation screen and then it stalls


Club Supporter
I just wonder why the patch don't have napoli in "other leagues c" instead of underperforming lecce. Anyway a great patch guys.



Club Supporter
i installed it and there was a problem i couldn't fix ... the dutch teams are there but with bundesliga kits!??! and the names of the teams are the old way and the "other" teams are the same as before ?!? that's the only thing i'm having troubles with. someone have an idea ?


Club Supporter
hi! i just installed the balls i downloaded from file front, tho the game crashes at the loading screen just before the match...