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Faces by Xeneize


Youth Team
santups18;2681995 said:
man revise tu pato y quedo con mil hoyos xD,fijate si podes arreglarlos che,se nota que quisiste mover la boca jajaja

:p no se notan in game, eso es lo importante xD.


Youth Team
With this new controversy of the SUPER PATCH or whatever the f#$% that is. If i find out any of my faces were used i will remove ALL the links to my faces in all sites I have posted.

To the guy who published this 'super patch' theres a thing called respect...


Youth Team
no se, pero si es que usaron una mia voy a quitar los links. Me pudre ver gente que usa las cosas de otros sin permiso.

Pero igual ya pienso en dejar de hacer faces, ya no me salen y las ganas no me Shifty mas jaja xD


Youth Team
Today I will be retiring from Face Making until further notice. For personal reasons is why im making this choice. I hope you enjoyed my creations and keep enjoying them for these may be my last.

Even though not many people cared for my faces, I always saw this forum as the 2nd most important forum for FIFA (since I am actually staff member for FIFAEVOLUTIONGAME and that forum is my main priority).


Senior Squad
is a bad notice but we must respect your decision (Y) i hope you come back for FIFA 10 or something :)
we aprecciate you and all your work :)


Senior Squad
xene, se va roman te vas vos, el fifa y el futbol estan de duelo,
hay esperanzas, no se, pero de la santisima trinidad compuesta por vos santu y javi, ya quedan dos
suerte y gracias


Club Supporter
Hey man you said nobody cared much for your faces. I dont think thats true. I added alot of your argetinian faces to my game. Hope that youll return someday if not good luck with everything..


Youth Team
This message goes to all the sites I have posted my faces at. Some guy stole my faces for his patch and put that he made the faces and gave me no credit what so ever. Well in the sites I posted a promise that if ANYONE stole my work i would delete my links. AND SO I DID, SO IF YOU HAVE BEEN HAVING ERRORS DOWNLOADING MY WORKS ITS BECAUSE I DELETED THEM.

I am truly sorry for those of you who feel betrayed. But i had to do this to show those Carlos*asses that i am a man of my word...

This is the guy who apparantly didnt understand: http://www.gratisjuegos.org/descargar/liga-argentina-fifa-09-estadios/

From now on you will have to ask for my future pack by PM.